Game of Thrones Recap – Season 6, Episode 7 – The Broken Man


Gratuitous boobies. So many gratuitous boobies.


Wow. So much going on. This season really is firing on all cylinders.

The Hound lives! What a twist. Special guest appearance by Ian McShane. I was hoping he’d be on the show longer though.

Interesting what the show does with religion. You’ve got followers of whatever the 7 Gods religion is that then you have followers of the Lord of Light. Looks like the Hound isn’t going to let it go.

Margery is clearly up to something but I can’t figure it out yet.

The Blackfish vs. The Kingslayer. Quite a matchup. Hard exactly to figure out who to root for.

You’ve got the Blackfish avenging his slain niece, Catlyn Stark. But then there’s been a slow but steady progression to make Jamie less douchey so who knows.

I’m left to wonder if Jamie’s progress towards a non-douche lifestyle will one day put him at odds with his sister/lover Cersei, the biggest she-douche ever.

The Stark kids really coming into their own. Sansa and Jon Snow looking and dressing like their father used to, doing all kinds of negotiations and shit.

Arya! Oh my God. This is the first season where spoilers aren’t really out there so I crapped my pants.

This show pushes the limits too much when it comes to kids though.

I mean the show has a lot of gratuitous sex violence and though thankfully the kids aren’t around in the scenes where that happens, it’s weird that you’ll see kids in other scenes in a show that has that.

Except the violence against kids taboo was broken as Arya got totally stabbed. I don’t like to see anyone stabbed but especially a kid.

Assumedly she’ll recover but still.  And it’s too bad the Faceless Man group whatever they are called have decided to become so douchetastic.

But ultimately, I wish the show would be more careful to keep the kids out of the more disturbing parts of the show.

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