iPhone earbuds go wireless; Apple Gets Rid of the Headphone Jack

Apple has deep sixed the headphone jack on the iPhone 7, claiming that getting rid of the jack hole will help make the phone waterproof.

Great idea or incredible outrage?

Harmless innovation or CIA conspiracy to give us all brain cancer and/or control our minds via wireless earbuds?


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10 thoughts on “iPhone earbuds go wireless; Apple Gets Rid of the Headphone Jack

  1. 42atharry says:

    It’s clearly a conspiracy to gain control of our minds and link them all into one supercomputer, although if they wanted to do that, the Air Pods shouldn’t cost US$160 and last only 5 hours.

  2. It’s a win, win. For those of us that only use the phone when necessary, it will be a convenience factor. For those that are searching for Pokemon and have their phones glued to their heads nonstop, brain cancer it is.

  3. I’m buying an android with wired earbuds next time. If people wanted wireless earbuds then you’d still see them walking around with Bluetooth things in their ears.

    • True. Admittedly, the bluetooth wireless buds/phones have been there for years. I have a pair. I rarely use them because I am just too lazy to keep them charged whereas the corded kind are easy to grab and ready to go. The existence or lack of the jack doesn’t change much other than Apple is pushing the industry to go wireless presumably to make more money on wireless buds.

      Just don’t get a Samsung Note as they catch fire apparently.

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