Zom Fu – Chapter 14

Mei-Ling sat on the temple steps and studied the stars. In her mind, she was locating various constellations when her focus was interrupted by a visitor.

“Hello,” Junjie said as he sat down on the same step Mei-Ling was sitting on. Sadly, he placed himself six feet away.

The female warrior nodded at the handsome hero, then returned her gaze to the stars.

Junjie coughed to clear his throat. “Lovely evening.”

Mei-Ling nodded.

Scooch. Junjie began closing the gap.

“Excellent weather,” Junjie said. More scooching ensued. Mei-Ling nodded some more.

“Are you looking for a constellation?” Junjie asked. Scooch. Nod.

“Any one in particular?” Junjie asked.

Mei-Ling blushed.

“Oh,” Junjie said.  “Right.”

Minutes of silence passed until finally, Junjie was sitting right next to Mei-Ling.

“I wish I knew what was going on inside your brain,” Junjie said.

Mei-ling smiled.

“I can tell there is nary a moment when you aren’t using it,” Junjie said.

The pair sat for a while longer. Junjie tried a different tactic.

“Whoever is the best at everything, say, ‘aye.’ Aye!”

Mei-Ling’s eyes widened. She gave Junjie a playful punch in the shoulder.

“Oh well, the ‘ayes’ have it,” Junjie said. “Thank you Mei. I didn’t know you thought I was the best at everything.”

Mei-Ling rolled her eyes.

Junjie sighed. “We should vote again because I’m not the best at everything, especially when it comes to decision making.”

Mei-Ling remained quiet.

“Have you ever had to make a difficult choice?” Junjie asked.

Mei-Ling nodded.

“How did you figure it out?” Junjie asked.

Mei-Ling shrugged her shoulders.

“You don’t say,” Junjie replied, earning him another punch in the shoulder.

The pair sat quietly for awhile until Junjie mustered up all of the little confidence he had in himself in order to blurt out what he needed to say.

“Please marry me because I’d rather grow old with you than live indefinitely without you.”

Mei-Ling’s eyes widened until they looked ready to pop.

“You don’t have to say, ‘yes,’” Junjie said. “An up and down nod will do.”

The handsome hero’s plea was met by a look of total confusion on the female warrior’s face.

“Right then,” Junjie said as he stood up. “Well, considering the lifespans of past Infallible Masters, I’ll have anywhere from two hundred to fifteen-hundred years to live this embarrassment down. I’m sorry to have bothered you.”

Before he could leave, a small hand was pulling him back. Junjie turned around. Mei-Ling stood on her tip toes and pressed her lips against Junjie’s. The couple remained just like that for a while, kissing passionately in the moonlight.

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