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I Feel Like the Parents Could Have Done a Better Job of Calling Someone to Help in Home Alone


Everyone I talk to about the movie is always like “Why didn’t the parents do this or that” but if you haven’t seen the film in a while, they do tie up a lot of loose ends:

  • The phone lines go out so the parents can’t call Kevin directly.
  • All the neighbors leave for the holidays so there aren’t any neighbors to call.
  • Obviously, the parents call the police, but the cops are parodied as incompetent donut munchers who aren’t helpful.
  • One wonders why they didn’t call the elderly neighbor that the kids think murdered his entire family.  I realize a person rumored to have murdered his entire family probably wouldn’t be your first choice to help your kid but one would think the McAllister parents would have been wiser than the kids and would have known that the old man is just a grumpy old man and not a murderer.
  • So if your local police department won’t help, wouldn’t the parents have called the state police, the FBI, or just keep calling law enforcement agencies until someone locates Kevin?
  • Is there no adult in the area they could have called?
  • What about the mayor’s office or the governor’s office or something?
  • Does Kevin go to school?  What about like calling the school and see if they’d talk to the police to do more?
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What was your favorite film of 2016?

3.5 readers, what was your favorite movie of 2016?  Have I reviewed it yet?

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