BQB’s Walking Dead Recap

Hey 3.5 readers.

I’m late with my recap for the Walking Dead, but suffice to say everyone’s favorite show about zombies returned last Sunday.


Rick is recruiting other groups to fight with him against the Saviors.  The Hilltop and the Kingdom are against helping.

Overall, there are some parallels between world diplomacy and Walking Dead diplomacy.  Countries or in Walking Dead’s case, settlements, have to decide how much shit they want to swallow from another group before they give up and go to war.  Often, though we hate to admit it, swallowing shit is a reasonable alternative to sending thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of people to die in battle.

Anyway, will be interesting to see how this plays out but the Grimes group vs. Saviors show down is in progress.

What say you, 3.5 readers?

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6 thoughts on “BQB’s Walking Dead Recap

  1. I stopped watching at the end of season 6 when TWD became a mirror of our world. The show was better when the slate of society, and its associated ills, was wiped clean for a while. (That was my 3rd and final blog post on TWD.)

    • I have mixed feelings about it. It’s a fun show. On the other hand, I’d like to think there would be enough brainpower to restore society whereas in the show they spend most of their time searching houses and old stores looking for leftovers. I mean, there’d be a lot of that in the beginning, but I feel like eventually people would figure out how to get things up and running again.

      Although the rub, which they capitalize on, is that yes, in the absence of law and order, a lot of baddies would take over, people who otherwise wouldn’t have in a stable society.

      • Very true. Rick, for example, is trying to restore society. Alexandria had some good people also — wise, builders. But the people with knowledge keep dying and structures keep getting torn down. There’s so much fear and paranoia that separate groups are too afraid to trust and join together — and that thinking happened pretty much instantly.

        I wonder, though, how it would really unfold if we had such a disaster. I think writers of these types of themes all think the same way. They believe it would unfold in this one fashion; it would be inevitable. I like to believe we are better than that, and true desperation might get us to think differently. Not all people get vicious and distrustful right away. All we have to do is look at real-world disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and others. Often, people report they are amazed by the kindness of other people in an emergency.

        In the absence of law and order, it wouldn’t take many tyrants to overwhelm the good people. But I believe that would drive the good people to form numbers, especially if mankind were threatened with extinction, not just individual deaths.

  2. My only disappointment will be that Negan is eventually going to be killed. He is one of the more engaging characters on the show. He is how he is to survive and I have a feeling his death will be a gruesome one that will rival The Governor’s death.

    • I was hoping he might live. I have a theory that there’s something going on behind the Saviors, that perhaps Negan knows of some terrible evil afoot and though his methods are awful he does what he does because he knows he has to have people whipped into shape in order to fight whatever bad thing he knows about.

      But I doubt that will go that deep.

      • You never know. I keep thinking with, as bad as he treats his own people, why one of them hasn’t taken him out. Maybe they know he’s protecting them from something.

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