Someone in England Bought My Book

Do I have to fill out twenty forms to be able to accept the 29 British cents or is that Amazon’s problem and I’m accepting money from Amazon, an American company?

I dunno.  I don’t want to be accused of being a British spy for accepting 29 British cents just because some guy in Liverpool wanted to check out my writing prompts. Lord knows I have always vowed to report redcoats wherever I see them and I have never allowed the King to quarter troops in my domicile.  Also, I never drink tea and have urged all of my neighbors to throw their tea into the nearest harbor.  I even burned all my Beatles albums…except for Hey Jude because if you can listen to that song and not cry you are a heartless bastard.

Surely, someone out there has had your book bought by a British person…what do you do?

(Also, thank British person for buying my book.  If anyone else wants to buy it, they can do so here.)

Bookshelf Q battlers for Amazon

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5 thoughts on “Someone in England Bought My Book

  1. I bought it I’m in Manchester UK… surely I am not the only Brit on WordPress? Two people from the US bought one of my books… I didn’t do anything…. (will review on UK Amazon)

    • Oh thank you so much for buying it. I have other Brit followers of my blog but you were the only Brit to buy the book. I appreciate it. It made me feel like an internationally acclaimed author. I just became curious as Amazon sent me an email saying they are going to pay me. Did you get any use out of it? Thank you again. Please tell all the other British people about it.

      • I reviewed it as five stars ‘Very Entertaining’ on UK Amazon, I bought it when you posted something like ‘Have you bought my book yet?’ Might nick that idea off you! I haven’t seen that many people on here reporting that they have actually published something. Good luck with it!

      • Thank you! I was very excited to get that review! One day, when Toilet Gator is raking in the box office bucks, you can say you gave me one of my first review. I think it was like my second review. It was a very nice review. Yeah, I try not to peddle the book too much on the blog but once in awhile it doesn’t hurt.

  2. da-AL says:

    many congrats! love how blogging makes world smaller 🙂

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