Preux chevalier: sans peur et sans reproche

Hey 3.5 readers. BQB here. Rachel Cohen has long provided feedback and encouragement of my stuff on Wattpad, so wanted to return the favor by telling you all about her new blog, “The Pillow File.” Romance, erotica, smutty chick lit…I mean, as a knuckle dragging caveman I don’t get it but I can generally tell if a blog is good or not and I can tell this is a good one. Neat, well written, an overall Sex and the City vibe…if you’re a woman who is into this sort of thing you’ll like this blog so check it out. I’ll admit its funny how I can rattle off stories about zombies and werewolves and crazy things that could never happen. Maybe for an ugly guy it just seems more believable and likely that I’ll fight zombies before I’ll ever find myself in a love triangle. But then again, how many of us ever find true love let alone a love triangle? Perhaps I can see why women like to fantasize about this sort of thing. Anyway, go check it out, give her some feedback. We’ll be able to say we knew her in the early days when she’s on all the talk shows. Plus she has a novel about sexy space vampires I found interesting.

The Pillow File

Today I experienced a darkening of conscience.  I finished everything early, and decided to pick up Tess from school myself, instead of having the babysitter do it, and then go bake cookies at home.  Never mind the freezing rain.  We’d mess up the kitchen and enjoy ourselves and not let the cat and Lily get into the mixing bowl, while the elements raged outside.  So I did all the shopping and headed to the school.  It is one thing to be an idiot.  But to be an empowered idiot is on a whole other damage scale.  

There is a shortcut to the school, and it happened to be blocked.  I would have had to go around and waste ten minutes.  To my right, however, was a sort of little meadow.  I could cut through it in an SUV, dramatically splashing from underneath the wheels, like they do in TV…

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