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Movie Review – The Foreigner (2017)

This movie is…da bomb!

Ha…what? Nothing?


OK, moving on.  BQB here with a review of “The Foreigner.”

Jackie Chan has still got his fists of fury after all these years.  Here, he plays Quan, a restaurant owner/immigrant living in London.  When his daughter is among the many killed in an IRA terrorist attack, Quan goes to work in a rage fueled vendetta, setting bombs of his own and taking down anyone who stands between him and what he wants, i.e. the names of the terrorists responsible.

Liam Hennessy, an ex-IRA big shot turned Irish politician (honestly, I never quite figured out what his official title was but he’s an official minister of some kind) becomes the number one name on Quan’s shit list. While Liam was a bloodthirsty supporter of the IRA cause in his early years, he claims to have since reformed, gone legit, and fights for peace.  Is he bad?  Has he changed his ways?  Your guess is good as mine.

It’s cool to see Jackie back in action though I have to admit, it’s Brosnan that carries the movie.  In Jackie’s glory days, he would usually work with a comedic sidekick (i.e. Owen Wilson in “Shanghai Noon” or Chris Tucker in “Rush Hour.”  Often, his movies would involve myth, magic, fantasy or comedy so it was interesting to see him play a more realistic character.  Ultimately, he becomes an Asian version of Charles Bronson’s “Deathwish” character, a modern day Paul Kersey out for revenge.  These bombers messed with the wrong father.

STATUS: Solid action thriller. Shelf-worthy.

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