Once Again the Oscars Ignore the Plight of the Ugly

What an outrageous night so far, 3.5 readers.  So many beautiful people awarded and not an ugly face among them.  With all this talk about diversity, which I’m not arguing against as it’s needed, there seems to be no commitment toward making sure physically ugly Americans aren’t left out of the movie industry.

I’ll admit Sam Rockwell is kind of ugly, but not full blown ugly.  “Kinda ugly” is about as far as the Academy is willing to go.  “Full blown ugly” is not a step they are willing to take, thus veteran actor Willem Dafoe loses the gold on this, his third nomination without a win.

How much longer must ugly people suffer knowing that they are not wanted anywhere near the silver screen?

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One thought on “Once Again the Oscars Ignore the Plight of the Ugly

  1. henacynflin says:

    Yes, were it not that I am both shy and ugly (quite a good combination actually) I would suggest a #metoo for us ugly folk

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