My Oscar Observations

Quickly, because I’m a busy nerd this morning:

#1 – I tuned in and out but in general I haven’t heard anything too controversial about the ceremony itself but I might be wrong.  Let me know if there was anything.  Generally speaking, all these wealthy, powerful people who could have drummed the sexual harassment out of the business decades ago but did nothing and now they’re all like “Hooray for #timesup and #metoo” is a little sickening.  Better late than never?  Maybe.  But they could have done better years ago.

#2 – Shape of Water winning gives me mixed feelings.  As a nerd, I think it’s great that a scifi movie won and I don’t think people realize this was sci-fi…and a bit of a dark comedy melded into a love story.  Take away the French music and it could have been a kooky episode of the X-Files.  This will be the year the gold went to a movie about a lady who fucks a fish.

#3 – Ugly actors are snubbed again.

#4 – Frances McDormand’s laugh will haunt my nightmares, though I know she meant well.

#5 – Three Billboards was the stronger film.  “You don’t get to do bad things to others just because something bad happened to you” is a message the world needs.

#6 – I admit, I have never seen “Call Me By Your Name” but just reading the plot makes me nauseous and no, not because it’s about gay love.  To each their own.  It’s ironic that in the year Hollywood is vowing to erase sexual harassment from the workplace, a movie about an older man who statutorily rapes his employer’s underage son is getting so much Oscar recognition.  I realize there are a lot of people who think this movie is great and is all for gay empowerment and that’s fine, but if that’s the case, then just make both characters of legal, consenting age.  Rape = sex without consent and minors, by law, do not have the mental capacity to give consent to sex because they are deemed incapable of understanding the consequences.  Thus, laws are on the books to dissuade older people from preying on the young.  If you are older, you are expected to know better and will go to jail if you don’t.

If you think I’m being a fuddy duddy, imagine the plot is tweaked.  An older male has sex with the underage daughter of his employer…you’d want whoever made that movie run out of Hollywood on a rail and their career ruined, right?  So, let’s just all agree that underage boys and girls need legal protection against older predators and movies shouldn’t be made that glorify older people who perv on the young.


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