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How the West Was Zombed – Chapter 30

A lot of stuff going on here.

This whole part of the story is called “History Repeats Itself” because it does.

Joe is basically in the same predicament he was with the slave master. Except now he’s being held captive by Blythe, his vampire master. I purposely tried to make a lot of similarities between the two chapters.

Lorant, the slave master, tells the slaves “how good they have it.” Blythe does the same here. Both masters take his wife to use as leverage against him.

You learn about the “hierarchy of evil.” Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies in that order.

Vampires have brains but no souls so they’re on the top. They can hatch evil plots and carry them out because their lack of a soul means no weakness or remorse.

Werewolves are in the middle. They have brains so they can carry out the vampires’ bidding, but they have souls, so they can sometimes be reasoned with or talked into doing the right thing.

Zombies have no brains or souls…they’re just super dumb.

They walk around aimlessly doing what zombies do, though the vampire whose blood they drank can control them.

Purists will say these aren’t zombies but ghouls but whatever. Same thing.

One lesson here is writing can sometimes limit what you want to do. He’s in some kind of evil dungeon. Normally, you’d pick up your dead wife and carry her away, give her a decent burial.

But he’s got Miles with him…and after thinking about it, it just seemed unlikely he’d want him to see that so…he just leaves her there.

Sometimes you get boxed in and you have to go with the flow.

Bookshelf Battle



History has an uncanny way in which it repeats itself. Eleven years had passed since Joe discovered the monster that dwelled within him. For a time, he found money. Happiness. Success. A wife. A son. A home.

Alas, when he found himself in the middle of a dank, dark dungeon, his hands and feet bound to a stone table by silver chains, he began to realize that compared to his new master, Lorante had been a teetotaler.

An iron door opened and two werewolves lumbered in, their heads just barely scraping the ceiling. Blythe stepped into the room as merry as could be, as if he were off to a stroll in a park and not a torture session.

Joe struggled but the silver burned his skin. The more he moved, the worse it got.

Blythe looked down and wagged a finger in his captive’s face. “Bad dog. Bad, bad…

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How the West Was Zombed – Chapter 29

This chapter marked the point of no return, pushing the story deeper into violence, uncomfortableness, swearing etc.

The slave master uses the N-word. I worry about that. People are understandably very sensitive about stuff like that these days.

But Joe does turn into a damn werewolf and tears the master in half so…Tarantino style revenge fantasy, right?

Bookshelf Battle

Louisiana, 1859


The whip cracking across Joe’s back might as well have been a knife. It cut just as deep and with as much precision. There wasn’t much he could do about it. His hands were bound tight and tied to a hook above his head. His body had already told him to fall down, but his captors wouldn’t allow it.


The man wielding the whip was Edmund Lorante, Overseer of the Marchand Plantation. That was more or less a fancy title that meant he kept an eye on slaves and made sure they didn’t get out of line. He relished “educational opportunities” and had called in over a hundred of Monsieur Marchand’s pieces of property from the field to watch. A few of his white subordinates stood by, shotguns at the ready.


“What did you do with it, n****r?” Lorante asked. He tossed out the word so nonchalantly…

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Tonight’s Walking Dead

Hey 3.5 Readers.


What an episode.  Very woman-centric.  Lots of chicks young and old fighting, scheming and being evil and shit.

I like Alicia Witt.  She was Paula last episode and this one.  She was on a season of Justified.  She just seems very smart and fun and like her last name, witty.

Carol, as usual, is adept at tricking everyone into thinking she’s just a harmless old lady and then she straight up takes everyone down like a gangsta.

There was a suggestion this group might have been good.  What do you think?  Could there have been info that Rick’s group didn’t know?

Maggie was a badass.  Anyone know what accent the lady who plays her has?


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