Kid Fat Shamed By Santa

Did you hear about the kid that went to see Santa and was told by the Jolly Old Elf to “layoff the cheeseburgers and fries?”

Check out the CNN story for more.

So many things at play here, 3.5 readers.

First of all, isn’t it kind of ironic for Santa to call anyone fat?  That’s the pot calling the kettle black, right?  The man is literally famous for being a super fat fatty.

Really, Santa?  You want to tell a chubby kid to lay off the burgers?  OK.  Howsabout you don’t eat a plate of cookies and drink a glass of milk AT EVERY HOUSE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD every Christmas Eve?


But ok, so this story opened up the can of worms that is the ongoing fat shaming debate.

Here’s my two cents.

It isn’t healthy to be overweight.  However, overweight people should be free to go about their lives without being insulted, name-called, treated like crap.

That’s pretty reasonable.  Like most issues, the debate collapses when both sides huddle to their extreme corners.

On the one hand, you have people who say fat shaming helps fat people so feel free to say nasty things to them and treat them like crap.  It’ll motivate them to lose weight.

Yeah, no.  It’ll just make their lives more difficult and the harder their lives are, the harder it is to lose weight.  If you wouldn’t want someone pointing out your problems every time you step foot out into public, then don’t do it to other people.  Mind your business and stop bothering people.  Pretty simple.

Then on the other side of the debate, you have some people who are fat and they say dumb things like being fat doesn’t cause health problems, its ok, people who don’t find me attractive and don’t want to date me are shitty, whatever.  That’s the other side and that’s equally silly.

Is this kid chubby?  Yes.  Is he still a little kid?  Yes.  Should his parents help him out and get him involved in sports and get him eating right and exercising while he is young and his body can easily bounce back and he’s got the energy to lose weight and build muscle and turn it around so he can live a happy, healthy life?


Is that easier said than done?


Should a little kid be able to sit on Santa’s lap and not be criticized?


Here’s why:  Because this kid probably has no shortage of kids at school who will gladly call him fat and make fun of him, so maybe, just maybe, while his mind is still young and he’s able to still feel a childlike sense of wonder and enthusiasm about the world, he should be able to sit on Santa’s lap and not be told that he’s fat, especially when Santa is also fat.

I mean, come on, being a Rent-a-Santa is like the only job where being fat and having gray hair and a beard gives the candidate a leg up for the position.

In conclusion, my advice to the world:

  • Fatty Haters – keep it to yourself.  If the the portly person is minding his own business, you don’t need to make fun of him.  Don’t be a dick and then try to pass it off as you are a nice guy trying to help him realize he has a problem.  He knows.  It isn’t a matter of him not knowing and needing someone to point it out.  It is a whole perfect storm of DNA, environment, emotions, self-control, addiction and so on.  This person feels bad 24/7, so don’t worry, he’s not going to feel great if you give him a pass on the shitty insult you’ve cooked up in your head.
  • Fat Activists – No, fat people shouldn’t be treated like crap, but don’t put out misinformation and try to convince people that weight issues don’t cause health problems.
  • Santa – You’re fat.  Stop calling kids fat and lay off the cookies.


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4 thoughts on “Kid Fat Shamed By Santa

  1. As an obese person myself, you hit it on the head. I mean, if this guy was really skinny under that red coat and beard, then clearly he broke character and forgot what he was supposed to represent. I’ve had family that’ve never had a problem with weight before (at least, not on the higher end of the scale), but they’ve also worked jobs that kept them moving, not stationary, and great metabolism (or a smoking habit on the other end of the spectrum to keep ’em down). I’m a study-er, writer, researcher type, and get most of my exercise through fidgeting and leg bouncing more than the gym when I’m crunched for time.

    My dad used to really do the shaming and such and complain that I needed to stop eating so much, but he’d load the cabinets with high-salt and high-sugar foods that he liked to eat. Drove me nuts. He finally knocked it down to once every 6 months when he got cancer–twice–due to HIS life choices and environmental circumstances. Fat shaming is just a PC way of bullying the fat kid/adult. Sucks, because plenty of people have real medical issues that prevent their body shape from being “normal.” Hell, some are “skinny fat” but don’t get the same stigma because they don’t “look” fat.

    Our appearance-obsessed culture is tough enough to navigate when somebody is considered “normal” by the medical establishment, let alone when you’re “not.” So let’s be good to each other…sheesh.

    • Eh, I mean the far left (PC) response to a fat person is to pretend its fine and it doesn’t cause any problems and the far right response would be to treat fat people like crap all day. I just think the middle ground is yes, an overweight life is a difficult one and people shouldn’t be lead to think otherwise. On the other hand, people should mind their business.

      • Yeah, it’s a bit messed up all around, too much finger pointing and not enough all at once. The “pot meet kettle” part is what makes this case so stupid…even if it was an acting gig and the guy might’ve just been in a fat suit. Then again, just about everybody has a vice or issue that would cause fingers to be pointed at them, so its not just the fat thing–we’ve all got something we have to work on, Nobody’s perfect, but pretending everything’s just fine and its a part of us all being unique little snowflakes with nothing wrong with us (i hate that PC aspect most of all these days) doesn’t help. You know, I wonder what the kid was asking for or said that prompted Santa’s response in the first place…because why did it come out? Haven’t found anything yet…hmm…

      • I’ll give Santa the benefit of the doubt and assume maybe he thought he was trying to help. Then again, the guy might have been being a dick too. I don’t know. But all in all, the kid no doubt gets shit on all day at school so he doesn’t need to get it from Santa too. Kids have 18 years where they are hopeful and happy and they truly believe all their dreams will come true, the rain on the parade doesn’t need to start before that. I’m not sure I’d fire the Santa but just give him a talking to and then fire him if he keeps doing it. I’m also not sure the mom needed to go to the press. Had the kid been my kid I definitely would have complained, but I would not have alerted the media so that my kid becomes known as the kid that was fat shamed by Santa. I don’t know.

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