Toilet Gator – Chapter 71

As the day waned into evening, Rusty and Bishop drove around town in search of Buford. They checked his known haunts, mostly his favorite convenience stores where he would often purchase all kinds of junk food. Finally, they spotted him walking out of a Gas n’Pass with two shopping bags full of potato chips.

Bishop pulled his unmarked car into the parking lot of a nearby Pizza Groove and turned around, allowing him to tail Buford’s pickup truck. He was sure to stay two cars behind and avoided making any suspicious moves.

“His mother, I get,” Rusty said. “I mean, not really. Hell I had a few lap dances from her down at Big Ray-Ray’s and she was always sweet enough to me.”

“You got a lap dance from that old woman?” Bishop asked.

“Booty is booty,” Rusty said. “Don’t judge, Jumbotron.”

“I’m not, Damien Lewis,” Bishop said.

“Who?” Rusty asked.

“You know,” Bishop said. “The actor.”

“He has red hair?” Rusty said.

“Yeah,” Bishop replied. “He’s in a lot of stuff. He was in that show, you know the one with the crazy eyed bitch who fights terrorism.”

“I’m drawing a blank,” Rusty said.

“You’d know him if you saw him,” Bishop said. “He’s in everything.”

“Joke doesn’t work if you have to explain it, King Kong,” Rusty said.

The duo sat in silence as the slow pursuit continued. Finally, they saw Buford pull into the parking lot of the No-Tell Motel. Not wanting to be spotted, Bishop pulled into a liquor store parking lot across the street. There they sat and watched as Buford hopped out of his truck and let himself into his room.

“Now what?” Rusty asked.

“We wait,” Bishop answered.


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