RIP George Romero and Martin Landau

Hey 3.5 readers.

First, as I am a zombie lover, it is my sad duty to inform all 3.5 of you that George Romero, director of “Night of the Living Dead” and the inventor of the zombie genre has died.

All zombies will be required to eat their brains at half mast.

Second, Martin Landau, who won an Oscar playing down and out, drug addled Dracula actor Bella Lugosi in “Ed Wood” has died.

The creator of zombies and Dracula, gone in one day.  Truly a sad day for horror nerds.


3 thoughts on “RIP George Romero and Martin Landau

  1. Romero’s ‘Dawn of the Dead’, which spooked me when I saw it on first release, was a pretty sharp social commentary about the nature of mall shopping. Shuffling zombies indeed! Romero defined the genre. And Landau was a fantastic actor – really good. I’m not old enough to have seen him in Mission Impossible, but I remember him from ‘Space 1999’. For me his best role and acting was always Abe Karatz in Coppola’s ‘Tucker, The Man and His Dream’ (1988). It’s sad that they are both gone.

  2. John Charet says:

    Great post ☺ It is truly sad that we lost two legends 😢 One a director, who is a master of horror George A. Romero and the other a wonderful actor Martin Landau. I love every single film George A. Romero has ever made. You know what is interesting? Romero never directed an episode of Showtime’s horror anthology series Masters of Horror? John Carpenter and Dario Argento have, but not Romero. Also, did you ever see Ed Wood where Landau won best supporting actor for playing Bela Lugosi? He was great. Anyway, keep up the great work as always ☺

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