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Daily Discussion with BQB – Is Avocado Toast Keeping Millenials from Becoming Homeowners?


Hey 3.5 readers.

Your old pal BQB here.

Australian millionaire Tim Gurner, himself a millennial, has been quoted in the media (this Time Magazine article, for example) as, and I’m paraphrasing here, that millennials aren’t becoming homeowners to the extend that previous generations did because they essentially spend their money on crap.  They go out to eat too much, they take too many expensive vacations to Europe, they buy too many lattes and too many pieces of avocado toast.

Personally, I’m aghast that I’m behind the times because I never knew that avocado toast was even a thing.

Regardless, those wacky millennials took to the Twittosphere (where, shameless plug, you can follow me @bookshelfbattle) to mock Gurner, cracking jokes along the lines of who knew that all their problems could be solved by cutting back on avocado toast.

Typical snarky millenials.  Argh, I just want to channel Uncle Hardass and shake my fist at them in an impotent manner while shouting, “Get off my lawn, hippies!”

Or, hipsters, as is the modern parlance.

I do understand the point millennials are making.  The economy took a big hit in 2008 but honestly, it’s been pretty stagnant since 2000.

Meanwhile, a college education has never been more expensive, yet a college degree has never been less relevant as more and more people have degrees and yet they are pitting themselves against each other for fewer and fewer jobs.

So yeah.  Add to that mix the fact that property values are high and yup…you can’t really blame people who are pissed that they’re living in Mom and Dad’s house well into adulthood for being told all their problems result from that piece of avocado toast…or a latte…or insert your favorite comforting thing you buy that you know you spend too much money on here.

On the other hand, I’m going to side with Gurner.  Life sucks.  You’ve got to make choices.  Save your money.  I’ve always advocated for saving money on this fine blog.  I know it’s hard.  I know times are tough.  I know there will be times like it seems impossible but if you can even save just one dollar out of every paycheck, it’ll grow in time.

OK, you probably have to save more than one dollar.  Save a lot of dollars when you can and save just one when you can’t.

Ultimately, if you’re taking multiple vacations to Europe and throwing your money away on useless gadgets and stuff, then you’re choosing a certain lifestyle.  You have decided to live in the now, the present, to enjoy today.

You have decided to live while the living is good and see the world and do and see and experience awesome things when you are young.

You’re also selling your future old self out because your old self may not have a house to live in when you’re older but you know, your old self will also have nice memories of a fun youth so…it’s up to you.

I can’t really knock anyone for picking that lifestyle.  I’ve had old relatives who worked their entire lives and never went anywhere or did anything and never treated themselves to something extravagant.  They planned to do it in retirement then croaked before retirement came.

So there’s definitely an argument for living in the now and spending it all in the now.

But there’s also an argument for saving that moolah so you can own your own piece of land, a piece of property where you can hang your hat and not get nagged by Mom and Dad about what you’re doing well into adulthood.  And honestly, that’s good for the soul too.

I do agree that in many ways, our political and economic leaders have screwed the big time pooch for awhile now.  The “pay big money for college and college will get you a job that pays big money to you” pyramid scheme is bust.  Less jobs.  Less opportunity.  Less money.  People are less happy.

So it’s up to you what to do with your pennies.  Spend them now and enjoy it now.  Save them now and that will lead to something good later.

What say you, 3.5 readers?

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Generation X Got a Raw Deal

A brief primer on the generations…

THE GREATEST GENERATION – People who came of age during World War II.  Put their lives on hold due to Hitler’s epic douchebaggery.  Post-War, the country was prosperous.  Highways and infrastructure were built.  New homes and communities made.  They settled down and had…

THE BABY BOOMERS – The children of the Greatest Generation.  Many went off to Vietnam.  Others became hippies, embraced flower power and shit.  Turbulent times.  Assassinations.  Fights over civil rights.  Sid and Marty Krofft TV shows that blew kids minds and made people wonder if Sid and Marty weren’t taking a little something.

GENERATION X – The baby boomers’ kids.  I was born on the tail end of this so I identify as a Generation Xer.  We grew up in the 1980s, a time of relative peace and prosperity.  In fact, things were so good that we kind of got depressed about it in the 1990s.  With no wars or major events to bring us together, we just wore a lot of flannel and listened to incredibly boring alternative grunge music.

Typical lyrics were, “I am depressed…I’m sooo depressed, I am depressed about what will happen next.  I dress like a lumberjack, because life is no good, oh look at me I’m going to chop wood…chop wood chop wood chop wood chop wood!”

Be careful what you wish for though because just as we were getting our lives started as young adults, terrorists crashed planes into the World Trade Center and Pentagon.  A whole new era of bullshit came to fruition.

Politics became nastier as a result.  Not that it ever wasn’t but the country split right down the middle.  Confidence was shaken.  Businesses went belly up.  The economy tanked.  I dare say we’re the first generation in a long time to not do as well as their parents.

And it’s our turn to take things over, isn’t it?  You’d think so.  But look at the presidential contenders.  Hilary and Trump are both about 70.  Those pesky baby boomers are just going to hang onto everything forever.  Thanks a lot, improved health care.

Except, not really.  The Greatest Generation knew when it was time to go to Florida and play golf and shit.  The Baby Boomers are going put their brains in robot bodies and still be running shit in 2100.

True, computers were pretty lame back when we were kids.  Having the Internet was considered like a weird, ham radio type hobby until I went to college and then it kind of exploded.  But Generation X embraced and popularized the Internet in its early days, Instant Messaging which would eventually be replaced by texting, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  You’re welcome.  Or we’re sorry, depending on your view of the Internet.

Actually, we will never apologize for Buffy.  Frankly, we’re wondering why in this new age of new life being breathed into old shows, why isn’t there a Buffy rehash?  Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyson Hannigan still have their moves and honestly, Nicholas Brendon could use the work to keep him out of trouble.

I digress.  If you’re a Generation Xer, you feel like the world skipped you over.  Angst, angst, angst…SHIT AL QAEDA!!!  angst..angst…angst…  Such has been our lives.

I get a little offended when we’re lumped in with the Baby Boomers.  Watch the news and you’ll hear about Baby Boomers or Millenials.  Generation X is never mentioned.  Maybe because the plural form is the non-catchy “Generation Xer.”  Thanks, person who named our generation.


Even worse, I think the millennials aren’t aware of Generation X.  They just think everyone born before 1990 is a Baby Boomer.

Example, at my company, Beige Corp, the world’s premiere producer of beige products and supplies, millennials will look at me and be like, “Why can’t that BOOMER die already so I can have his job?”

And I’ll be like, “Jesus Christ!  I’m not that old!  You’ve skipped an entire generation!  People who liked the A-Team as kids are not ready to croak yet.  Shoo!  Shoo!  Go bother that guy in accounting who liked Lassie when he was a kid.  He’s going to croak any minute.”

Shit.  Generation X was really screwed over.  Which brings us to:

THE MILLENIALS – Have never known a life where you couldn’t think of a question and ask the Internet.  I get a little worried about them whenever they say things like “safe space.”  But the Baby Boomers hated my flannel.  And the Greatest Generation hated the Baby Boomers’ tie dye shirts.  And whoever the hell was before the Greatest Generation really did not like those…I don’t know.  Whatever the hell they had.

So go forth, Millenials.  Enjoy being relevant much earlier that my dear Gen Xers were.  And I’m just kidding.  You guys are great.  Please check my blog often and if I ever write a book buy several copies.  Snapchat it to your instatwitter.

But please try to remember that Gen Xers aren’t as old as the Baby Boomers.  Anyone who watched Buffy in her prime isn’t ready to throw in the towel just yet.

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Introduction – The Tao of Bookshelf


Our noble blog host, Bookshelf Q. Battler, aka BQB

Our noble blog host, Bookshelf Q. Battler, aka BQB

I’m World Renowned Poindexter, Reviewer of Books, Movies, and Assorted Cultural Happenings and Champion Yeti Fighter, Bookshelf Q. Battler.

You might know me from my blog, bookshelfbattle.com, a site read by as many as 3.5 readers.  One of them is my aunt but let’s be honest, not every blogger can hold their extended relatives’ attention.

Hard to believe I know, but I wasn’t always an astoundingly impressive entertainer of 3.5 individuals.

Truth be told, I used to suck like a Hoovermatic attached to a diesel engine.

(I’m using the word ‘suck’ in the context of ‘not doing very well’ and not, you know, the other more derogatory meaning.)

Recently, there was a hashtag game on twitter (follow me @bookshelfbattle and join in the fun!) called, “My Regrettable Super Power.”

I put down that I have 20/20 hindsight.

And I really do.

BEHOLD, THE UNCANNY HINDSIGHT MAN!  Able to see exactly what he SHOULD have done at the EXACT moment when it’s TOO LATE to do anything about it.

Millenials, put the phones down for a minute and let’s talk.  No, ok put down the iPad too.  OK then…hey, hey…the laptop? Yeah shut that off please.

Finally, now we can really have a dialogue and…look I’m not going to talk over the X-BOX just hit pause.  And turn the TV off.

OK so back to what I was saying…Jesus Christ.  Seriously?  Are you seriously Netflixing Orphan Black on the toaster right now?

Why would the toaster company even put a screen in the toaster?  Fine.  Just keep it on low volume.

Millenials, you know how your mother told you to stay away from that guy Larry?  You know, the one who doesn’t have a job, always bums money off you, and comes up with longwinded arguments as to why it’s really YOUR fault that he keeps sleeping with other women behind your back?

Yeah.  Mom isn’t trying to ruin your life by chasing Larry away.

She’s speaking with a voice of experience.  She remembers dating Raul, another guy who, like Larry, didn’t have a job, always bummed money off of her, and always explained to her why it was her fault that he slept around.

As POTUS would say, “Let me be clear.”

I’m not old.  I’m just a bit older than you all.

But do you want to know why people age?

Because if we could take what we know now and apply it in young bodies, we’d damn well take over the friggin’ universe.

I’m not kidding either.  That old man feeding the ducks that you walk by everyday?  Sure he seems like a sweet old gent but give him a youth elixir and he will take his 80 or 90 years of knowledge gained about the world and use it to take everything over.

You never knew that did you?  You know how in Jurassic Park all the dinosaurs were genetically engineered to be female to keep them from breeding?

God came up with shit like arthritis and glaucoma to keep your nana from becoming a god damn international warlord player pimp with all the information she’s learned through eight decades of the trial and error process that is life.

My Aunt Gertie would become an iron fisted dictator if she could figure out how to work the TV remote.  It's the 'on' button, Gert...

My Aunt Gertie would become an iron fisted dictator if she didn’t have to take a nap every twenty minutes.

Now, because I’m an exceptionally vain nerd, let me repeat.  I’m not old.  I’m not even middle aged.

But, I have collected a lot of knowledge, that while it’s too late for me to bank on, it’s not too late to help out folks who are just starting out in life and getting a handle on this whole adult thing.

Or is it ever too late?  You know what, for you older folks, you might learn a thing or two as well.

Young or old, it doesn’t matter.  I feel the really important thing to take away from this is that you should visit my site often and click on a lot of the buttons and shit so I can have a better case to explain to the publishing industry why I’m a total badass.

Did I say that?  Scratch that.  What’s important is that once in awhile, you check out “The Tao of Bookshelf” and see if there’s any advice that I, Bookshelf Q. Battler, can provide to help your life suck less.

Attorney Donnelly advises that there is no guarantee that taking BQB’s advice can make your life suck less.  If anything, it might make your life suck more.  You know what?  Don’t listen to anything he says.  Please don’t sue him. He only has 3.5 dollars.

Images courtesy of a shutterstock.com license.  Thank God shutterstock had pictures of BQB and Aunt Gertie available.

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