Mindjammer – the Novel: sales numbers

Science Fiction Writer Sarah Newton, Author of Mindjammer, provides facts and figures of her book sales.

Sarah Newton

Mindjammer-Novel---cover-imageSo, with the tax man never far away, I’ve been doing some sales reports this week to get a handle on how things have been going here at Mindjammer Central. One of the very pleasant surprises has been the sales figures for my far future transhuman science-fiction novel, Mindjammer, which I wrote back in 2011 and was published via Cubicle 7 Fiction and then via Mindjammer Press in 2012. In the two and a half years since publication, I found out today that we’ve actually sold a little over 3600 copies.

That actually blows me away. All but 230 of those were ebook sales. Of those 230 paperbacks, 160 of them were sold via Amazon Createspace – the other 70 were sold direct at conventions. The Createspace figure surprised me somewhat – although Amazon seem to be selling paperbacks at a more reasonable $12 or so these days.


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