How the West Was Zombed – Chapter 17

I had a good time writing this chapter.

So here we learn that Miss Bonnie has changed her mind, she is about to tell Slade she wants to be with him and is on her way to apologize to him with some muffins as a peace offering.

Then she spots him having lunch with Sarah and flips her lid.

She has a rapport with Gunther. He teases her that she’s dressed…well nicely instead of like a call girl as usual.

By the way, later in the story I never explain whether she sticks with this outfit or returns to prostitute wear. I decided to let the reader decide.

It made me laugh that various townsfolk walk by, say hello, and refer to Miss Bonnie as “Whore.” Like – “Hello Gunther. Hello Whore.”

She’s so used to it she doesn’t care.

The way it always goes, isn’t it? That person you like doesn’t like you until you like someone else.

Bookshelf Battle


No makeup. No fancy hairdo. Not even a garter or lingerie or a frilly dress. Miss Bonnie strolled out of the Bonnie Lass wearing a simple white blouse and a blue prairie dress, her hair tied back in a pony tail with the help of a pink ribbon.

She carried a tin of blueberry muffins, purchased from Anderson’s General Store, of course. It was the thought that counted.

Rain,” she mumbled to herself under her breath. “I’m sorry. I’m very sorry? No. I’m sorry’s good enough. Hell, what do I have to be ‘very’ sorry for?

As one might expect, the local brothel keeper turned a few heads as she walked by. No one had ever seen her dressed in a respectable manner before.

For the first time since her divorce courtesy of Smith and Wesson, Miss Bonnie felt ready to give her heart to another man…

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