Comicbookgirl19’s Game of Thrones Epic History Videos

Hey 3.5 Readers.

I wish I had the time to read the Game of Thrones books.  There’s a lot of back story that explains why the characters do what they do on the show.

For me, the next best thing was Comicbookgirl19’s Game of Thrones’ Epic History Vidoes on YouTube.

She goes through all the pre-show history for the various houses. Here’s one for House Lannister, for example:

Check it out. I’d say you want to be caught up at least on the first couple of season on the show in the case of spoilers, but she really goes into the nitty gritty of how everyone got to be where they are.  Helped me to understand the show a lot better.

Also, she’s a funny nerd with pink hair.

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4 thoughts on “Comicbookgirl19’s Game of Thrones Epic History Videos

  1. masxmarvel says:

    hey comicbookgirl19, when you coming back on the collider heroes talk show? your pretty awesome!

  2. I hope at some point you make an effort to read the books. They’re great! Thanks for sharing the video from comicbookgirl19

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