Daily Discussion with BQB – Should Scientists Make Chimeras?

Good morning 3.5 readers.

BQB here with another daily discussion.

Chimeras. They’ve been in the news lately.

Not gonna lie. Up until now I thought they only existed in that video game, Resistance, about an alternate World War II in which the US fought human/animal monsters.

But nope. Various news outlets are reporting that scientists are indeed working on making part-human/part-animal embryos.

“Chimera” is a word from Greek mythology, used to denote a part animal/part human.

Scientists claim in various stories I have read, such as this one from NPR that this effort isn’t being done in the hopes of creating some kind of awful animal man, but rather, to study diseases, learn about ways to improve health, and perhaps even be able to grow human organs inside of animals that can be harvested for terminally ill human patients.

But the experiments are controversial, so much so that the National Institutes of Health have ceased funding them until the issue can be studied more, according to the above article.

Personally, I’m suspicious of everyone and everything. I can already see my nemesis, Dr. Hugo Von Science, using this research to raise his own army of pig men, goat men, horse men, dog men, cat men and elephant men to conquer the world.

On the other hand, the idea that I could keep a pig in the back yard with some extra organs in case I need one is intriguing.

It’d have to be an actual pig. If it were a pig man then I’d feel bad.

What say you, 3.5 readers? Yay or nay on chimeras?

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7 thoughts on “Daily Discussion with BQB – Should Scientists Make Chimeras?

  1. Chimeras are always dangerous in my opinion but scientists have been doing it for years. Splicing various diseases together to create a more powerful disease.

  2. Mei-Mei says:

    Hmmm I may be a little too close to this issue because I work in biomedical science. I know labs that technically use “chimeras” because the mice have a single human gene spliced in. But a whole organ is different than a single protein, and I’m not sure the benefits outweigh the ethical quandary.

    • I always knew they had like mice with ears on their backs and stuff but I had just never heard them called chimeras before.

      If they can make me a pig to keep in my back yard with a spare set of organs for me just in case, I’m good with it.

      If they’re going to make pig men then no. No pig men.

      • Mei-Mei says:

        Lol def no pig men. (I was going to make a joke about men already being pigs, but I figured that was too sexist 😉
        A “true” chimera would be more like if the mouse had human ears instead of regular mouse ears. Yikes.
        Have you heard of the anime Full Metal Alchemist? There’s a realllllly dark episode that deals with human/animal chimeras.

      • I have heard of it but haven’t seen it. Joke away it’s all good here.

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