I Regret Not Starting a Blog Earlier

1371251154I have to say, since I started this blog in 2014, it has been one of few activities I have participated in where the more I work at it, the more I get out of it.

Every week I get more followers.  Those followers stack up over time.  I still don’t get as many views and/or visitors as I’d like, though those figures have increased each year though, leaving me hopeful that they’ll actually reach a high point.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

I don’t recall when I first heard of the term “blogging.”

Had to have been somewhere in the mid-2000s.

It just seemed dumb.

I figured that publications that had a large print following would essentially use their money to take over online.

And to an extent they did but I never realized what opportunities there were for writers to go it alone.

Ergo, I often wonder had I got into blogging say, a decade ago, perhaps I’d have 300,500 readers instead of 3.5 readers.

Oh well.  “If I could turn back time” as Cher has been known to sing in her leather underpants.

Honestly though, and there are more seasoned experts who can correct me but, I’m not sure any of this really became that viable until social media came about, allowing bloggers to post links to their blogs using hashtags of subjects they are interested in or that their posts pertain to.

I hate to admit it because unfortunately I’m one of those people who feels the need to view myself as having the biggest brain in the room, but I never really imagined that social media was going to turn into anything important when it came out.

“Huh” I thought when I first got onto Facebook.  A site that lets everyone discuss their thoughts…and everyone I know has very dumb thoughts…and they all insist on sharing them 24/7.

“I picked my nose!”  #nosecandy

“I ate a tuna fish sandwich for lunch!” #straightuptunason

“My political views are ultimately superior to yours, moron!” #politickinglikeamofo

Long story short, I didn’t get into any of this until 2014.

Would that I could take Doc’s DeLorean to say, I dunno, 2006?  That’s the year Twitter started.  And when YouTube started I believe.  Had I been up to this for ten years I like to think I’d actually be somewhere that involves getting paid for blogging but…oh well, then again, I don’t like to think about things I can’t change.

Don’t even get me started on YouTube.  Being able to buy everything you need to start your own web show at Best Buy?

Sorry, I dated myself.  Being able to buy everything you need to start your own web show on Amazon?

(You whippersnappers still use Amazon, right? )

In summation, budding young artists, creatives, writers, actors, comedians, singers, musicians or what have you literally have no idea, no idea whatsoever how lucky they have it to have all this technology at their fingertips.

Build your audience, 3.5 readers.  Because when I was your age, if you wanted to make it in a creative field, you had to walk twenty miles up a hill just to kiss the ass of the guy who knows the guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy whose cousin’s sister’s uncle’s cousin’s neighbor’s boyfriend’s cat trainer’s donkey pharmacist might, just might know a guy who could introduce you to the guy whose ass you need to kiss just to get an interview with the guy who might be able to help you get your foot in the door.

That’s a whole lot of ass kissing.  A proud man like me just isn’t down for it.

Enjoy the new world, 3.5.  There’s never been a better time to be a creative person.

Except for maybe the Renaissance.  If you lived in Europe you were able to paint pictures of chubby chicks…but even then only 3.5 people ever saw those paintings.

Whoa. I’ve come full circle.

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10 thoughts on “I Regret Not Starting a Blog Earlier

  1. annelogan17 says:

    ha, I loved this post, it’s hilarious.

  2. I actually did start blogging back in the day. Then gave it up because it all seemed pointless. LOL

    • Does it still seem pointless now?

      Honestly it seems pointless even now. The trickle of readers is steady but very slow. I wonder if time might be spent better or something else even if it’s a nap.

      So what’s up? I’ve missed your notes. Let me know what you think about Helen. Like I said I don’t want to mothball Zombed but I don’t know,I wrote a few chapters of Helen and cracked myself up.

      Not sure if I’d be the only one who finds it funny. Probably.

      • I’ve been so slammed I had to stop reading. I will get back to it. I just had to cut somethings…

      • Oh no problem, don’t worry. Hope you’re hanging in there.

        I think so far Undead Man’s Hand is a more clearcut story than Zombed. But it will take me awhile to write it and then I assume I’d go to the third and then rewrite edit and publish all three.

        But that’s a big undertaking that I feel like it’ll take at least two years…I probably should have kept it simple my first go around.

        So I dabbled this week with a retelling of Ancient Greek history – its fun, maybe I could do that and then that at least achieves my dream of getting a book out…but…I don’t want to keep my Zombie series waiting.

        Decisions, decisions.

      • Well they say you should take a break between writing and editing a book. You’re using the zombed break to write undead hand. Maybe you could use the undead hand break to write Ancient Greek history.

      • Eh…I’ll think about it. I fear what happens is I say I’ll come back to it and then I don’t.

        In theory I could maybe finish Undead by the end of the year and then the third Wyatt Earp book by like April 2017.

        Then rewrite all three by the end of 2017.

        Then 2018 would be spent getting a professional editor, then figuring out how to format them, then getting them onto Amazon, etc etc.

        Alternatively, I could maybe bang out this Helen book by the end of the year, rewrite it, get it edited and self published by the end of next year…then I’ve accomplished my life long dream of publishing a book before I croak so the pressure’s off a little bit.

        I dunno if you have 3.5 seconds take a look at Helen and see if its worth pursuing or if it is just a pile of horribly vulgar rubbish which it probably is.

        I kind of see it as Monty Python Illiad and if I do it I’ll probably call it Illiad Rebooted.

      • LOL. I will make some time this week to catch up on all your writing and comment. Look for a shit load coming your way…

  3. jozumwalt says:

    If nothing else, blogging is an encouragement to write, write, write!

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