Movie Review – Why Him? (2016)

Why him?  Ugh…why me?

The things I do for my 3.5 readers, like bothering to review this movie.

BQB here with a review of Why Him?

So, at the outset, the premise sounds like a pretty standard Christmas comedy.  Dad does not like the man his daughter he is dating but powers through it and realizes that the guy isn’t that bad.

Problem is that there’s a big age difference between the couple and uh, well, it’s creepy.

Bryan Cranston is businessman Ned Fleming, who has been asked by his daughter Stephanie (Zoey Deutch) to come out to California to spend the holidays and meet her new boyfriend, Laird (James Franco).

Problem is Stephanie is 22, Laird is 32 (although if you’re a movie buff like me, then you know that Franco is closer to 40 which just makes the whole thing odd).

Laird isn’t just an eccentric weirdo, he’s also an Internet millionaire app developer, which is apparently the only way anyone came become a millionaire these days, but don’t get me started on the economy.  That’s a whole other article altogether.

Where was I?  Cranston is put with the paces, cashing in on a big holiday film after breaking through with Breaking Bad.  Laird is into all sorts of oddball things and Cranston goes through all of them to comedic effect.

I can’t lie.  There are parts of the movie that are hysterical.  It was nice to see Megan Mullally with a big film part as Cranston’s wife/Stephanie’s mother as she is overdue.

Griffin Gluck is funny as the goofy little brother.  Cedric the Entertainer is great as Cranston’s second-in-command at the office.  Keegan Michael-Key is a riot as Laird’s estate manager Gustav.

Kaley Cuoco (Penny from The Big Bang Theory) actually steals the show as the voice of Laird’s home AI.  It’s fun to hear Penny say naughty things.

All in all, it’s got all the great trappings of a fun holiday comedy/date movie but…eh…maybe it’s my #OscarsSoPretty activism but I just couldn’t over the age difference between the Stephanie and Laird.

The age difference is addressed in the film, Laird comes across as a good dude that’ll do right by her and everything but let’s be honest:

Rich guy 40 year old dates your 22 year old daughter – you’ll probably be cool with it.  It’ll be weird at first but he’s rich and shit.

Ugly broke 40 year old dates your 22 year old daughter – you’ll be reaching for your shotgun.

It’s funny.  It’s actually a decent film as throw away comedies that you’ll never watch again go but…eh, the age difference weirded me out.

STATUS:  Borderline shelf-worthy.  No need to rush to the theater.  Worth a rental.

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