Zom Fu – Chapter 19


Junjie blocked Bohai’s punch, then countered with a nunchuck strike.

“Bohai,” Junjie said. “What has become of you?”

Swish! Bohai ducked Mei-Ling’s blade. The cocky warrior was moving faster than ever, easily fending off two opponents at once.

“I have improved in every possible way,” Bohai said. “I have acquired the knowledge of two men and I am hungry for more.”

“But how?” Junjie asked as he nunchuck slapped away Bohai’s punches.

“I have acquired a taste for brains,” Bohai answered as he blocked the female warrior’s kick. “And I’d wager yours is delicious, Mei-Ling.”

“You’ve gone insane!” Junjie shouted. “These are the words of a mad man!”

“You can keep your brain, Junjie,” Bohai said. “There’s a useless meal if I’ve ever seen one.”

“Why are you doing this?” Junjie just before getting socked in the jaw.

“I want the Staff of Ages!” Bohai said. “I won it and I’ll win again if I have to!”

“Stand down,” Junjie said as he delivered multiple nunchuck slaps to Bohai’s face. “We’ll get you to the master and he’ll figure out how to fix you.”

“I’m not broken,” Bohai said. “You are the one who…GACK!”

Mei-Ling impaled Bohai with her sword. Bohai fell on his side and clutched at the handle.

“Do you…really think…this will stop…me…gahhh.”

Bohai closed his eyes. He was motionless.

“Oh Bohai,” Junjie said. “I love you so, brother. Why wouldn’t you listen to reason?”

Mei-Ling yanked on Junjie’s robe and pointed to the courtyard, where Dragonhand and the Infallible Master were locked in combat.

“He needs us,” Junjie said as he and Mei-Ling ran toward their leader.

Bohai coughed and spit up blood. He opened his eyes. They remained blank but now, his face turned gray. He grabbed the sword’s handle, wrenched it out of his gut without showing a single sign of pain, then stood up.

“Errgh,” the now undead warrior mumbled as he walked to the courtyard.

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