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State of the Bookshelf – BQB’s Production Schedule

Hey 3.5 readers.

So, I’ve developed a bad habit.  Whenever I feel down, I commission a book cover.

It’s ok.  I’m gone to be done at three for awhile.

The other day I went back, looked at Zomcation, and realized that yeah, it’s pretty funny.  It’s also 50,000 words I rattled off in a month, leaving me to realize if the plot takes place in the present, there isn’t much to research, and it’s just a goofy project, the words come faster.

So I turned the 99 Design artists loose again.  Here’s my latest poll, please vote.

Here’s where my mind is:

THIS YEAR – Finish and publish BQB’s Writing Prompts, Zom Fu and Zomcation.

NEXT YEAR – Finish and publish three of my Zombie Western Books.

YEAR THREE – Depends how the books are doing but I would like to work on some of my mysteries.  We’ll see if anyone is clamoring for sequels.

At any rate, I’m not going to start anything that hasn’t already been started.  Whatever has started so far will be finished before a new idea is worked on and this is difficult because, believe me, I have so many ideas.

It’s time I’m getting short on.  It’s do or die time and I need to start churning out books if I’m ever going to have some time to enjoy being a self-publisher.

Plus, I need to throw my NWA style pool party.  Also, I have to save the world with my writing in order to stave off the Mighty Potentate’s invasion.

Thank you for listening, 3.5 readers.  Let me know if you have any advice or if you think any of my half written works deserves to be moved up in the production schedule.

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The 2017 Oscars are Still So Damn Pretty (Best Actor/Actress Nominations) – #OscarsSoPretty


Noted Ugly Rights Activist Bookshelf Q. Battler

Good evening, 3.5 readers.

I’m Bookshelf Q. Battler and I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.

You’d think after my #OscarsSoPretty activism last year, which mostly consisted of bitching and moaning on this fine blog, that Hollywood would have learned its lesson and nominated some aesthetically challenged, visually displeasing actors and actresses.

But no.  They just doubled down on the pretty.  Will you look at these nominees?


CASEY AFFLECK (Manchester by the Sea) – Oh yeah, when you’ve got Affleck genes your life is really hard.  Come on this dude is in his thirties and he still looks like he could be the captain of the high school football team or some shit.  Goddamn Afflecks.

ANDREW GARFIELD (Hacksaw Ridge) – Get the hell outta here, Andrew Garfield.  You and your perfect hair got to be in two terrible Spiderman movies.  Do you know what happens to an ugly man if he works at Burger King and fucks up the whoppers?  His ass gets fired.  Know what happens if a handsome man fucks up the Spiderman franchise?  They put his ass in an Academy Award nominated film.  Pretty privilege exists, people.

RYAN GOSLING  (La La Land) – Oh for the love of God, ever since this son of a bitch was in The Notebook, the broads have been throwing their panties at him, shouting, “I wouldn’t forget you if I came down with dementia, Ryan!” Fuck, this guy could have gone to that march in Washington, D.C. and gotten himself buried knee deep in pussy hat.

VIGGO MORTENSEN (Captain Fantastic) – He’s getting up there but he isn’t exactly an old timer yet.  Chicks still dig him for that scene in Eastern Promises where he got in a fight in a bathhouse and, while in his naked muscular glory, didn’t allow his dangling dangler get in the way of kicking ass.

DENZEL WASHINGTON (Fences) – Damn it, Denzel, even while you’re playing a crusty old fuck trying to stand in the way of his son’s dreams you’re still a handsome ass man and probably pulling down mad crazy babes.

3.5 READERS: But surely, BQB, the Academy nominated an ugly actress.

BQB: You’d think so, but if you did, you thought wrong!


ISABELLE HUPPERT (Elle) – She’s 63, but she’s one of the hotter 63 year olds around.  I mean, she could have her way with yours truly if she wanted and I wouldn’t care that she’s packing an AARP card or that she was born during the damn Eisenhower administration.  Further, she’s French, and I don’t mean to tell tales out of school, but French women have been known to make a man go, “Ooo la la.”  But you know what she isn’t?  Ugly.  Blast you, Academy and your discrimination against the ugly.

RUTH NEGGA (Loving) – This Irish/Ethiopian actress is so hot that she plays Mildred Loving, a woman so hot that her white boyfriend waged a legal battle all the way to the US Supreme Court just to marry her (back in the days in when interracial marriage was illegal).  Hell, I can’t blame the man.  I’d go before SCOTUS myself to get me some of that.

NATALIE PORTMAN (Jackie) – The woman so hot she made Anakin Skywalker cheat on his Jedi vows.  She already has an Oscar for Black Swan.  You know who doesn’t have an Oscar?  An ugly woman.  But sure, let’s just keep heaping awards and praise on the hot chicks.

EMMA STONE (La La Land) – Oh Emma, you wide-eyed redheaded hottie, you.  Hollywood has been in love with you ever since you splashed on the scene as Jonah Hill’s love interest in Superbad.  While you failed to convince us that you were Asian in the craptacular crap fest that was Aloha, you continue to be America’s sweetheart.  Know you will never be America’s Sweetheart?  Anyone with stretch marks.
MERYL STREEP (Florence Foster Jenkins) – Meryl is like 900 years old now but she looks good for her age.  At this point, she can’t open a closet in her house without 10,000 golden statuettes raining down upon her.  She was hot in her day and Hollywood will literally never stop tossing awards her way.  I mean, whether you like her or not, hasn’t she received enough awards by now?  Isn’t there a nice buck toothed, acne ridden actress who wouldn’t like to thank the Academy?

BQB:  OK 3.5.  That’s enough for me today.  I’m so mad at the snubs against the ugly that I have to go hyperventilate into a bag then put the bag on my head and hyperventilate because I am so damn ugly.  Join me next time where I will harangue the Best Supporting Actor and Actress nominees for being so damn pretty.

Do you want to see more ugly actor/actresses nominated?  Join me in complaining with #OscarsSoPretty

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