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Daily Discussion with BQB – I Hate Being Sick

I’m sick, 3.5 readers.  I know, all 3.5 of you admire and look up to me so much that it is difficult to comprehend me as a human being with human problems, but there you go.  It happens.

The weird part is that I would do anything for a glass of cold 7-Up right now.  Whenever I am sick, that’s what I desire the most.  I usually wait awhile until the coast is clear and it looks like I can drink some without shooting it out of my top and bottom like that little girl in the Exorcist.

However, I don’t have any, so when I feel better, I’ll have to haul my butt out to get some.  This reminds me of something I’ve always said during past bouts with the flu, namely, that I would create a stockpile of 7-Up in BQB HQ and have it at the ready in the event I get sick.

Easier said than done though because, come on, 7-Up is delicious and I would just drink up my theoretical stockpile even when I’m feeling good.

Maybe if I keep a bottle under glass and smash the glass only when I’m sick but really, who wants to clean up smashed glass?  Not me.  I’m sick.

What say you, 3.5 readers?

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