Zom Fu – Chapter 54


Chapter 54

The Whirlwind stood in the changing quarters of the late Empress, affixing a dangly earring to his already pierced earlobe and admiring himself in a full length mirror. His neck was overflowing with necklaces adorned with massive, sparkly jewels, all pilfered from a variety of jewelry boxes that were left open and torn apart on the boudoir.
“Such a fancy one, you are,” the Whirlwind said to his reflection. “The ladies must absolutely adore you.”
Niu’s voice bellowed in from the hallway. “Your Majesty! Your Majesty, where are you?”
A lovely lady’s robe hanged in a nearby closet. It was violet and covered with a floral pattern. The Whirlwind grabbed it and admired it.
“Such craftsmanship,” the thief said. “Such fine silk. It would indeed fetch a pretty price.”
The scumbag tried it on, then struck a pose in front of the mirror. “Yes,” the Whirlwind said to his reflection. “Oh look at you! You’re positively breathtaking!”
The Whirlwind caught sight of a silver pot sitting on the boudoir. It was filled with red face paint, a bit dry and tacky but there was enough of it still wet to get the job done.
“I must complete the look!” the Whirlwind said. He picked up the pot, checked himself out in the mirror, and began applying the paint.
“Your Majesty!” Niu’s voice grew louder and closer. “Where are you?”
“Oh yes,” the Whirlwind said as he rubbed the paint into his cheeks and lips. “You are a beauty, aren’t you?”
The door to the Empress’ room creaked open. Niu stepped inside. “I’ve searched every room and I can’t find…”
The Whirlwind turned around. Niu stood back and took in the sight of his brother in arms, standing there with in a full length lady’s robe with his face painted like a common prostitute.
“You sicken me to no end,” Niu said as he walked out of the room. “Come on!”
The Whirlwind scooped up a handful of shiny rings off of the boudoir, tucked them into his pocket, then followed. “Where are we going?”
“The roof,” Niu said. “The last place we haven’t checked.
“Will there be time for more treasure?” the Whirlwind asked.
“You’ve had enough treasure,” Niu answered.

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