5 thoughts on “Help Me Decide on a Bookshelf Q. Battler Logo

  1. Jesska says:

    Can I make a new one based on parts of all the others?
    I like that the character is bigger in 1.2.
    I like the Q. Battler better than battle. The writing could be a touch bigger (but not too much).
    I don’t much care if it’s curved or not, but I think it looks better in orange. Same for the book and the badge.
    I like how he has his hand on the bookshelf, but it shouldn’t cover so much, maybe move the writing down a smidgen.
    I think the white stomach makes him look like he’s wearing a croptop which is probably not what you were going for. Could you try a lighter blue?

    Whatever. They’re all good.
    Hope you’re happy with whatever you choose in the end 🙂

  2. I liked the curved Q Battler. I like the orange book but the silver white writing. and his hand should not obscure the writing.

  3. I like Set 2, Option 4.

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