No one reads my blog

It makes me so sad I want to eat cookies and watch “Gilmore Girls.”

10 thoughts on “No one reads my blog

  1. illumeenous says:

    Not true but comical nonetheless ❤😂

    • da-AL says:

      illumeenous — totally agree LOL

      btw, BQB — got 1st season of ‘curb your enthusiasm’ from library tx to you – sooo funny! but then by about 5th one, not so funny… oh, well

      • It’s an acquired taste. I like it because I relate to him so much. I’m like him in many ways. Not bragging but that’s the point. We’re both neurotic but we’re both aware of it. We try to solve problems. The problems only get worse.

        I think part of the problem is he does have a very rich lifestyle so it’s hard to relate to. But being neurotic can happen to anyone.

        In the 7th season, JB Smoove picks it up as a house guest that was supposed to stay for a few days but instead sticks around and mooches off Larry for ten years. At first I thought he was a gimmick but he turned out to be pretty funny.

      • da-AL says:

        maybe will give another look in a couple of months – the prob with binge watching is that one sees pattern emerge…

      • It’s all in interpretation. I’ve had people tell me he sucks, he’s self-absorbed, he’s a dopey looking loser who dumps on women who are hot that’d he’d never get if he weren’t rich but the flip side is he’s aware he’s a horrible person and it makes him miserable

      • da-AL says:

        I consider myself a feminist yet had no prob with his treatment of women – that said, only watched about 5/8 of 1st season. yes, he shows how (& why is this so wonderfully satisfying?) that awful people make themselves most miserable. also, sorta nice to see mr. richy rich miserable…

      • He’s married to Cheryl for 6 seasons then in 7 they divorce and he dates a lot. Every woman is hot, every woman great, he gets hung up on a trivial little flaw and it saddens him because he knows he looks like a mutant but he can’t help it. George Costanza on Seinfeld was based on him and did the same thing.

      • da-AL says:

        I see… story of everyone’s life – easy to pick apart others for why we’re lonely… I didn’t care for Seinfeld as don’t like NY mean spirited sort of humor that criticises others – like this show better as what I watched he poked fun at himself

  2. Jonas David says:

    i know how you feel, i post every day and it seems most times, into a void. i look at your blog now and then though 🙂

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