Logan and Wonder Woman Snubs

Hey 3.5 readers.

2017 proves that Hollywood will never nominate a comic book movie.  Logan, which was Hugh Jackman’s last dance as Wolverine, was sort of a poignant meditation on aging, coming to grips with regrets, accepting past mistakes and moving on, etc.

Wonder Woman brought us into WWI and was all about feminism – the nice kind of feminism, you know, the brand I like where women stand up for themselves without saying that my dick needs to be chopped off or anything.

So, maybe one day if there is one last Avengers movie (until the eventual reboot with a whole younger cast) they’ll do it but even then I wouldn’t expect it.

2 thoughts on “Logan and Wonder Woman Snubs

  1. Tony Burgess says:

    Hollywood seems to be a bit snobbish anyway when it comes to who they deem worthy of a best picture nomination. I think they need to have two best picture categories one for comedy/musical and the other for drama.

    • I kinda get why they do this because there are movies that might touch on something important but will make no money without the Oscars talking about them. I just think if a comic movie ever qualified it’d be these two

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