Daily Discussion with BQB – Don’t Worry, Be Happy?

Hey 3.5 readers.

Do you think singer Bobby McFerrin was right when he advised the world, “Don’t worry, be happy?”

Sometimes I wonder if it is more appropriate to worry and also be unhappy.

Honestly, if you ain’t got no cash and ain’t got no style, ain’t got no girl to make you smile, then what the hell do you have to be happy about?


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3 thoughts on “Daily Discussion with BQB – Don’t Worry, Be Happy?

  1. Is it weird that a song titled “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” should feel me with such ire when I hear it?

    • There’s a scene in the video where Bobby is a stock broker whose stocks just crash, he steps out the window of the high rise and the next scene he’s playing around with Robin Williams and a magician guy…so there’s totally an interpretation that by killing himself he made himself happy which seems to be against the message of the song.

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