The Post Where I Shamelessly Plug My Twitter Handle

Why should you follow @bookshelfbattle on Twitter?

10)  I can waste 140 characters faster than George RR Martin

9)  I won’t resort to peer pressure to get you to follow me…

8)  …but seriously, all the cool people are doing it.

7)  As soon as April rolls around, it’s pretty much going to be all Game of Thrones, all the time on my twitter feed.

6)  But I’ll still talk about other stuff, so there’s something for people who <gasp> don’t like Game of Thrones, though I can’t imagine why.

5)  You too can dare to be a nerd.

4)  Occasionally, I even talk about books.

3)  I tweet more than a Blue Warbler with Tourette’s Syndrome.

2)  Do you really have anything better to do?

1)  Oh, you do?  Sorry.  But can you squeeze my tweets into your busy schedule anyway?

As always, I’m on Twitter.  Thanks for stopping by and keep reading!


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