Tonight’s Walking Dead


Super violent episode tonight.  Rick and Co. took on “The Saviors.”

They’d never tangled with this group before, but the Hilltop people had been forced into servitude to them.

Rick and the gang agreed to take out the Saviors in exchange for regular food payments from the Hilltop.

They reason that if they don’t, then the Saviors will eventually attack them.

Obviously, some parallels to today’s world.  There are some who argue that it is necessary to take out bad groups, regimes, etc who are wreaking havoc before they get out of control and there are others who say we should mind our own business and don’t attack unless we’re attacked first.

Are preemptive strikes a good or bad idea?  Did the group cross the line?

What say you, 3.5 readers?

By the way, JB Smoove is a hilarious guest on tonight’s Talking Dead.

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