Untitled Killer Doll Project

Hey 3.5 Readers.

BQB here.  So last October, what with it being Halloween month and all, an idea popped into my head and much to my surprise, I banged out 6,000 words in an evening.

Let me backup.  Out of all monsters out there, I’ve always felt killer dolls are the scariest.

Zombies?  Werewolves?  Vampires?  Scary but you’ll unlikely ever see one.

Killer dolls?  Shit.  We all have at least one doll in the house.  Do you know for sure it isn’t thinking dastardly thoughts?


Anyway.  The set-up.  In the present (i.e. 2016) a ventriloquist/comedian hits the big time.  He’s been a B lister for awhile, making TV appearances with his dummy.  But after a big gig, he starts to really get noticed.

And he’s a handsome, studly type guy so his agent starts to get him serious movie roles…without the dummy.

The dummy is not pleased.  Throughout the story, it is left open to the reader’s imagination whether the dummy is actually alive or if he’s being operated by the ventriloquist.  Little hints are dropped along the way that could lead either way.

I’m a little unsure what the whole plot would be.  So far it is basically the comedian has serious problems with drugs and alcohol and at the opening of the tale, he has already uh…murdered three ex-girlfriends and is deciding whether or not to murder a fourth.

The way I have it presently is that the dummy eggs him on to do it but I’m thinking about reworking it so that maybe the dummy is almost like his confidant…telling him not to do evil stuff but then advising him how to get off the hook once he’s in trouble.

I’m still thinking about what the hell the plot is.

Anyway, I put it away for awhile.  Left it alone.  But then every couple months I open it up, having forgotten what I wrote and I laugh and laugh.  The dummy is a riot.

I’m on the fence.  I think it’s a great idea.  But even just in the beginning there’s lots and lots of swearing, violence, maybe even sex…I’m not sure that’s where I want to go as an author.

But it is funny.  Or at least I think it’s funny.

Obviously, I’m going to finish How the West Was Zombed first.  I don’t want to fall into the trap of starting a novel then skipping out to start another one.

But I was thinking, maybe I’ll toss the 6,000 words out on here for a little while and you all could tell me if this is a viable project down the road or if I should be ashamed for writing such horrible garbage in which case, let’s all forget about it and move on lol.

Because, and just a warning – it is a divergence for lovable magic bookshelf caretaker BQB.


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2 thoughts on “Untitled Killer Doll Project

  1. Mei-Mei says:

    This sounds cool! It reminds me of the Batman villain Ventriloquist/Scarface–have you seen the 90s Batman cartoon?

    • Yes! I loved Batman the Animated Series and I remember him. I’ve also been a fan of an old movie called Magic starring Anthony Hopkins where his dummy is talking him into killing people. I’d like to read the novel to see how he did it. I forget the author’s name but it was written by the same guy who wrote the Princess Bride. So there was a guy who was funny most of the time but went dark sometimes. Not that I’d compare myself to him lol.

      When I was a kid, after seeing Child’s Play, which I probably shouldn’t have seen, a sibling shuffled into my room on his hands and knees (thus I didn’t see him come in) and then grabbed my feet and started talking like Chucky.

      Thus began my belief that killer dolls are the scariest and most underrated of all movie monsters. To this day, I can’t let my feet hang over the bed and I always have to keep my feet under the covers.

      Yeah I don’t know. I’ll have to think about it. That’s what I have so far. I want to see How the West Was Zombed through to the end since I’ve written so much of it, more than anything else ever.

      Whenever I look back at this though, I laugh. And in my mind I’ve come up with all these ways of lampooning Hollywood as Kit’s acting career takes off.

      But there is so much dark humor, swearing and violence that I fear people will think I’m a weirdo.

      I’ll have to think about it. It could be my next book or I might hang on and get a few under my belt before I try a real “out there” one.

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