What is an Unknown Search Term?

On my stats, it will show me where people searched for certain terms and ended up getting to my blog.  It will show me the words/phrases that got eyes over here so I can keep that in mind when writing future posts.

Oh, that reminds me:


Sorry about that.  Anyway…so then they also will give you “Unknown search terms” and then just a number.

What does that mean?  What is an unknown search term?  If the mighty wordpress magicians somehow know that certain words/phrases brought people here (i.e. known search terms) how is it possible that they don’t know the other terms that bring people here?

Feed my brain and educate me, tech nerds.

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8 thoughts on “What is an Unknown Search Term?

  1. kathryn01ify says:

    If the person searching for your site or a keyword is using Google then the information is encrypted and it won’t tell you what words were used. The stats should say that the search terms came from Google if you click on it.

    • I thought that but I thought you had to go into incognito mode or something for Google to do that. Maybe it just does it automatically?

      I guess that’s a better explanation than my assumption that aliens were spying on me.

  2. johnwreford says:

    Am just here for the Kim Kardashian photos

  3. If someone is searching something on google and the site comes up https (like https//www.google.com) then its more secured which, in order to protect privacy, won’t show their search terms. With google becoming more and more secure, you might see search terms less and less. But if you stick with posting about Kim Kardashian , it’s probably a safe bet what’s bringing people here anyway. 🙂

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