Daily Discussion with BQB – Robert Kirkman vs. George RR Martin

Happy Friday 3.5 Readers.

Robert Kirkman of Walking Dead fame recently said in an interview that he would not allow a network to take control of his show the way George RR Martin has.

My two cents:

a) GRRM is almost 70 years old.  Though I’m sure he is enjoying all the attention his life’s work is getting, it did come at the end, not exactly at a time when he could enjoy all the accompanying fame and fortune.  He needs to balance the need to get his last novels in the series done with not wearing himself out to the point where he keels over.

b) HBO has done a great job.  Currently, we’re in the first season in which the show begins to diverge from Martin’s books (the show has progressed farther past the point where GRRM has written) and the consensus is that it has been the most riveting season yet.  That’s to trash Martin.  He has been advising HBO on what he intends to do next and they are carrying it out.

I don’t know. I don’t mean to knock Kirkman either as the Walking Dead is also pretty great.

I just think GRRM and Kirkman are in two different places. Kirkman is young enough he can still run the show whereas Martin needs extra naps.

What say you, 3.5 readers?

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5 thoughts on “Daily Discussion with BQB – Robert Kirkman vs. George RR Martin

  1. I disliked both shows. LOL.

  2. Liz Madrid says:

    I think GRRM deserves a break. Fans gave him such a hard time when he wasn’t able to complete the next book in time and the guy just wants to do things now that he can. Neil Gaiman wrote about readers’ sense of entitlement here:


    As for Kirkman having much control over his baby, good for him, but that’s him. Just like Charlaine Harris let go of control of her Sookie Stackhouse series to Alan Ball who produced True Blood and it diverged completely (just about) from the original material whether Harris’ liked where it was going or not, writers are not all going to be like Kirkman. Like you said, he’s young and he’s got more years ahead of him in this game. But whether GRRM just wants to hang out in NM and enjoy life for a change, the guy deserves it.

    • I kinda doubt GRRM expected this much success this late in life. It’s great but we’d all rather have it when we’re young and can do something about it. It doesn’t always happen that way for everyone though. Stieg Larson who got his Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series published and then died pretty much right after comes to mind.

      • Liz Madrid says:

        GRRM’s books were around long before the series started, and so he’s been at it for a long time. Kirkman did tweet something that said he was joking (yeah, right) and that he respects GRRM yadda yadda yadda. I loved Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series although I haven’t read the one that was written after he passed away by someone else. Unfortunately Larson’s story has now been overshadowed by his lack of a will that left his estate and his works with the family he was estranged from and not his partner who understood his stories way more.

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