How the West Was Zombed – Chapter 108


Mr. Cobb manned the controls, his paws adjusting various knobs and levers.

“Faster!” Blythe commanded.

The furry engineer shook his head to indicate, “no.”

“Don’t bore me with concerns of safety!” Blythe shouted. “I need to get these zombies across the river!”

The engineer relented and took the train to an alarming speed.

The vampire stepped into the engine room, where werewolves were shoveling coal into the furnace at a furious pace.

Blythe could see the coal reserves were running low.

“Start throwing zombies in as soon as you run out,” was his order to the werewolves.

The vampire returned to his cabin and clutched his hand around his captive’s arm.

She shrieked and jerked about wildly underneath the sheet until she felt Blythe press his revolver against her temple.

“Do you know what this is?” Blythe asked.

She nodded.

“Then move,” the vampire said.

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4 thoughts on “How the West Was Zombed – Chapter 108

    • I’ve been wondering about this but then the SPP dudes discussed this issue lately, whether or not short chapters are ok and they came out on the end of that they are ok. James Patterson, as they noted does many short chapters and his books will have hundreds of chapters by the end. I had been wondering myself if short chapters are ok but then I’ll pick up a James Patterson and sure enough he’ll have a chapter that’s just a couple hundred words.

      It’s like cinematic storytelling. You get down what needs to be said and move on. Some will hate it but hopefully some will look at it like a bag of chips…oh I’ll just read one chapter…ok another one…well there’s so short, one more…

      Eh. It’s getting tough lately. I’m so near the finish line but it is still far away.

      This part, with the epic confrontation between Slade and Blythe, puts most of it to bed but then there’s the whole follow-up.

      Which woman does he end up with?

      What do the characters do next?

      And most importantly, how can I set the scene for the next one so people will buy me more appetizers at Applebees?

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