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Good morning 3.5 readers.

Some sad news today. A 22 year old singer from The Voice, Christina Grimmie, was shot and killed after a concert in Orlando, Florida last night.

I’m kind of an old fuddy duddy and I don’t watch shows like the Voice so I’d never heard of her before but it sounds like many of you had.

As I read the stories, it becomes increasingly sad. She got her start on YouTube, utilized social media to get her music out there to the world, really took advantage of what technology allows today for budding young creative people.

Imagine being young and on top of the world, plus how happy all her family and friends around her must of been and then that to happen out of nowhere.


Obviously the guy was crazy. I was going to go on a rant about why crazy people do what they do but I will await the news to report the details of the specific kind of crazy that the guy was.

Generally speaking, while suicide isn’t the answer and in a perfect world, the mentally unstable would get mental help before doing something like this, I don’t understand why crazy people who get to this low point often feel the need to take someone with them rather than just go out alone.

Again, I don’t want to speculate further. My assumption is he must have been some kind of obsessed fan but we’ll probably find out more as the story develops.

What say you, 3.5 readers?

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4 thoughts on “Daily Discussion With BQB – Christina Grimmie

  1. lgould171784 says:

    I say it’s nothing unusual. Will the public ever decide it’s finally had enough of near-daily massacres, and rise up against the all-powerful NRA?

    • I can meet you half way and say guns are a problem.

      However, I do fear that part of the problem that also needs to be talked about is this fame for fame’s sake whether it is good or bad fame, “me me me” culture we’re in.

      I’m too lazy to go back and look at the statistics but guns existed when I was a kid and there weren’t half the stories about people getting shot all the time.

      Many of these shooters either flip out and since they believe the world revolves around them and don’t understand the world doesn’t owe them anything, they go berserk when something doesn’t go their way.

      Alternatively, some are trying to get their fifteen minutes of fame as if having their name in the papers/on TV for being a shooter would be better than living the rest of their lives in obscurity like the rest of us.

      I hate to admit it as I am a fan of movies/video games that feature violence. I don’t want to see censorship or anything.

      But it does dawn on me that the millennials were the first generation with access to the Internet since birth and therefore there was little standing between them and accessing the worst of TV, movies, video games at a young age.

      My parents were able to tell me to stop watching that movie, TV show, video game etc by taking away the cartridge, video tape, turning the TV off what have you.

      Today, the Internet is 24/7 and try as they might, parents can’t be everywhere.

      Ironic as I’m currently writing a novel that has violence in it, but it is intended for adults who have figure the difference between reality and fantasy, right and wrong.

      I just wonder if a generation that had all this stuff pumped into their brains from a young age might not be coming out in a bad way now.

      Censorship wouldn’t be the answer but maybe there could be additional ways for parents to keep kids from seeing this stuff until they’re adults.

      In short, I love Grand Theft Auto. But I’m adult.

      I wonder if the kid who’s left to play Grand Theft Auto from 8 years old into adulthood doesn’t end up with some wacked out problems.

      • isilkemp says:

        I’ve often wondered the same, BQB. I don’t like Grand Theft Auto – I hate the messages it sends and what it stands for. But I do like many shooter games. I really enjoy playing them, but it can’t be wise to leave young kids who’ve not yet developed the ability to distinguish between what is on screen and actual reality. It could have a negative effect on the way they think by the time they reach adulthood.

        I have some strong opinions on the gun issue, mainly that there is definitely a problem, but it’s not with the tool being used. But I won’t get into it on the internet. Too likely to turn into a witch hunt.

        This is a very sad and unfortunate event, and sometimes it’s discouraging to me to realize this is the reality in which we live.

  2. lgould171784 says:

    These are all fair points. All of my supposed chicklit novels have violence in them as well. I think most people can absorb violence in movies, TV and video games without being inspired to imitate it. But there will always be unbalanced individuals who will be affected, and thanks to the NRA, the easy accessibility of guns will continue to create daily tragedies. When I was young, sensible gun control measures could at least be discussed, and a ban on assault weapons was enacted. But as long as Congress remains bought and paid for by the NRA, no progress will be possible.

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