I’m Zombifying the Alamo


Happy November, 3.5 Readers.

Halloween is over but my latest attempt at a novel has just begun.

I’m zombifying the Alamo, people. How you are all not excited about this I don’t know.

I wrote the first draft of How the West Was Zombed this year.

And then I let it sit for awhile as I considered how to turn the story of several cowboys into a Zombie Western series.

So Zombed became the second novel as I got myself partway through writing Undead Man’s Hand.

And then Zombed is becoming the third and Undead the second as Remember the Zombamo will be first.

The hook I finally thought of – as I read about the history of the Battle of the Alamo, I realized that the main heroes – William Travis, Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett, Sam Houston all headed to Texas because they screwed the pooch on something and were looking for a second chance.

I’ve said this before but my novels always end up being about losers in search for redemption. ¬†Probably because I am one.

So these men, based on circumstances that happen to them, end up in Texas taking on Santa Anna.

Its a tale of bravery because the Alamo defenders knew ahead of time they were vastly, ridiculously outnumbered but they stayed to fight rather than run.

But in my zombified version, these heroes come together to stop a great evil.

And then the series will progress…a new cowboy will be introduced in each subsequent book and by the end, five will come together through life circumstances to take on evil and then close out the series….and by then I can only assume this will all have made me awesomely rich.

Not because I will sell so many copies but because I will charge my readers a million dollars a piece so 3.5 sales = 3.5 million dollars.

I know it will be hard, 3.5 readers, but take out some usurious loans and procure the services of multiple loan sharks if you have to.

My attorney tells me to mention I am only kidding. Don’t do any of that.

Come along for the ride, 3.5 readers! I’m zombifying the Alamo!

So far, Santa Anna has been turned into a vampire and William Travis’ delusions of grandeur and epic debt have him headed to Texas in a hurry.

Next up – Jim Bowie and his Arkansas toothpick.

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