Movie Review – The Nice Guys (2016)


Don’t you love it when there’s a movie without much buzz, that you aren’t expecting much out of, then it turns out to be awesome?

The Nice Guys. It’s the 1970s and these two dudes are down on their luck losers who end up becoming a crime solving duo. I was a little disappointed by the ending but otherwise, it brought the laughs.

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Once in awhile a movie I haven’t heard too much of surprises me and this one is it.

Comedy. Action. A little bit of history/1970’s nostalgia. Rapid fire humor.

A depressed, drunken detective teams up with a leg breaker for hire to search for a missing porn actress.

BQB here with a review of The Nice Guys.

It’s the late 1970s. Ryan Gosling is Holland March, a private detective with a penchant for booze who doesn’t mind billing his clients but doesn’t have a lot of follow through when it comes to solving crimes. He gets paid just the same.

Jackson Healey (aka Russell Crowe) beats the crap out of people for money and in his free time, gets depressed over the wife who left him.

When a porn actress goes missing, they team up to take the case.

Many jokes ensue, some going so fast if you don’t concentrate…

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