Zom Fu – Chapter 16

The Infallible Master’s slumber was interrupted when smoke poured in through the open window in his room. The old man stirred. Grunts, growls and battle cries flowed from the outside and into his ears.

The master got out of bed, changed into his robe, then took the Staff of Ages from its resting place on the wall.

“How much time do I have left, old friend?” the master asked.

The ruby flickered.

“That much, huh?” the old man asked as he opened his door. “Oh well, I suppose no matter how much time a person has left, it never feels like enough. Stand with me to the end, will you?”

The ruby flickered again.

“That’s all I ask.”

Within a few steps down the hallway of the clan’s barracks, the master found himself squaring off with two of Dragonhand’s ugliest. They attacked but the master flawlessly blocked their blows.

“You won’t be needing these,” the master said as he tiger clawed the attackers’ brains out of their heads. Yet, even with their brains detached, the skulls smashed to pieces, and their faces missing, the zombified warriors continued to lurch toward the master.

The master squeezed the brains in his hands until they popped, squirting blood, puss and goo everywhere. The undead warriors dropped to the floor instantly.

“Sleep now, unfortunate ones.”

The old man made his way to the temple only to find it ablaze. The school, the barracks, the Tower of Masters Past – it was all on fire.

“Master!” shouted a disciple named Liwei. “They’re everywhere!”

The master looked around and saw that his disciples were defending the sanctuary with all that they had.

“Their brains, my children!” the master shouted. “Tiger claw their brains!”

The old man let his tiger claws fly, ripping undead brains out left and right and smashing them as quickly as possible. Alas, he was too late to save Liwei, who was grabbed by three zombified warriors and ripped apart. He screamed as the beasts devoured his flesh.

Thok! The master jammed the edge of his staff through the eye of a big burly looking zombie, piercing its brain. The old man pulled his staff out and let the carcass drop.

The Infallible Master fought his way through the sanctuary’s grounds, defeating many zombies and helping his disciples along the way. Soon, he found himself in the courtyard, surrounded by burning trees.

The smoke cleared and a shadowy figure stepped out of it. The undead face was ugly and yet…strangely familiar.

“Longwei,” the master said.

The fiend laughed. “Longwei isn’t here anymore, old man. Dragonhand is all that remains.”

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