Daily Discussion with BQB – Monster Trucks – The First Bomb of 2017

Apparently, Hollywood is getting its favorite major bomb of a movie out of the way early in 2017.

Monster Trucks is apparently going to cost its studio a $115 million loss even though it just happened.  The plot follows a young mechanic who finds a monster living in his truck who powers and controls the truck.  Other monsters come around, take over those trucks…so…yeah.  Monster Trucks.

The trailer reminds me of 1980s goofy sci-fi/kid befriends nice creature movies.  A hundred and fifteen million lost on a live action kids film released in January?  I don’t know, someone goofed up somewhere.

However, critics are calling it the biggest pile of crap to walk out of crapville.  (They didn’t say that exactly but that’s the general summary).

I hate to get too down on Hollywood.  I am always encouraging them to do something new and stop all the reboots and remakes.  But I guess you walk a fine line when it comes to kids movies.  Animated appeals to kids more than live action.

Oh well.  Monster Trucks, we hardly knew ye.  What say you, 3.5 readers?

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One thought on “Daily Discussion with BQB – Monster Trucks – The First Bomb of 2017

  1. Mei-Mei says:

    Yeah, this looks terrible (I’m certainly not going to see it), but at least the people in it look like they’re having fun haha

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