New Star Wars Movie Title – “The Last Jedi”

Hey 3.5 nerds.

BQB here.

So, word has it that the next Star Wars movie will be titled, “The Last Jedi.”

As many Internet dweebs have pointed out, in Empire Strikes Back, Yoda tells Luke, “When I am gone, the last Jedi you will be.”

In other words, the title is most likely a reference to Luke.  As we saw at the end of the last film, Luke will be a big role in this new movie.

Does “last Jedi” mean that Luke will kick the bucket?  One would think so because if he croaks before any new Jedis are made, then he’d be the last Jedi.

To me, this title begs a question – if there are no more Jedis, how can there be any more movies?

These movies rely on Jedis and if there are no more Jedis then you can’t make any more Star Wars movies.

Is the plural of Jedi also “Jedi?”  In that case, the title could refer to Luke and Rey and or any amount of unspecified Jedi.  However, if they are the last Jedi then I don’t know how you could have another movie.

It seems to me that the new movies are following the plots of 4-6 (or, the originals, if you are an old bastard like me).  Rey learns she has powers in 7 as Luke does in 4.  Rey will get trained by a wise old master (Luke) in 8 as Luke was trained by Yoda in 5 and I assume Rey will be in full badass Jedi glory in 9 as Luke was in 6.

But how can Rey become a Jedi if someone, most likely Luke, becomes the last Jedi in 8?

What say you, 3.5 readers?

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10 thoughts on “New Star Wars Movie Title – “The Last Jedi”

  1. I think it’s a call out to ‘The Last Samurai’… 😅

    • Yeah but that movie a) is a good movie that deserves more credit and b) was really about the last Samurai. There were no more Samurai after that. The Japanese moved on to guns and bullets and didn’t need feudal knights anymore. So if there are no more Jedi then its just what a bunch of dummies in space.

      • Maybe this is where Disney is taking the saga? Jedi as a life-way in the same sense that the Samurai tradition became for Japan? (Incidentally, that movie was filmed right here in NZ, which I always thought kind of cool – Mount Taranaki standing in for Mount Fuji).

      • I did pop into my head that maybe Jedi become obsolete, but the Star Wars universe has always taken place in a time where they have spaceships, lasers, guns, tanks etc but for some reason people use swords anyway and mostly for the coolness factor.

      • Definitely the coolness! And a nod to those old Fairbanks swashbucklers. I have a blog post coming up next week with my review of ‘Rogue 1’ which makes exactly that point!

  2. Mei-Mei says:

    Lol yes the plural of Jedi is Jedi. No “s” required. 😀

  3. Well, it could be that Luke trains Rey and then kicks it making her the last Jedi. Rogue 1 had no Jedi in it, by the way. The blind guy with the cool stick was close, but not quite. It will be interesting. They’ll also have to figure out what to do in light of Carrie Fisher’s death.

  4. I heard Fisher had already filmed all her bits for 8. So at least the next one is ok. 9 might be a problem though.

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