And Now a Word From My Spokesperson…

Hey 3.5 readers.  Your old pal BQB here.

You know, this March will mark the third year anniversary of this fine blog, and though I love you all,  I must admit that in all of this time I have been sitting back and wondering when one of you readers would get off your shiftless, lazy hides and record a video testimonial of my greatness.

Seeing no such incoming video testimonials, I turned to Fiverr and found this delightful spokesperson, who was happy to educate the masses of my astounding brilliance.

In conclusion, this was the best five dollars I have ever spent and had I known it was possible to get women to say nice things about me by paying them I would have started doing it a long time ago.

Thank you, spokesperson.  That was an awesome testimonial.  In all humility, I truly deserved all of those wonderful compliments.

Meanwhile, this was my first time using Fiverr and I recommend it.  There are all sorts of talented folks waiting there to help you do awesome things with your website, blog, business, etc. so check out

And finally, my spokesperson did such a fantastic job that I’ll give her a plug.  If you have a gig you’d like to throw her way, you can check out Stayingvintage on

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5 thoughts on “And Now a Word From My Spokesperson…

  1. That is one awesome testimonial! Very cool. I liked the yeti fighting particularly (I’ve never fought one myself, though I did have breakfast once with an orang-utan, which is probably its smaller cousin.)

  2. Congrats of four years. I’m going on my 11th year. this blog of mine has been my joy, my sorrow and biggest pain. I’ve made friends, a few enemies, battled trolls, and boredom and took several breaks over the decade. Ive won comedy writing awards for it then, didn’t write anything for almost a year. Had a ton of readers, that trickled down to a few. Thought some of my bet stuff went unnoticed and the piddly, effortless crap, got all the attention. You just never know. I can as they say, live with my blog and , I can live without it…BUT. invariably, I always come back, one way or another.. Blogs are like life —they’re what you make of them and I think you’re definitely making something of yours.

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