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Happy New Year, 3.5 Readers

Hey 3.5 Readers.


Bookshelf Q. Battler

Well, that was 2015. A whole year’s worth of blogging. As Alien Jones broke it down for us, blogging once a day and being active on social media does make a difference.

I’m at a critical mass point where I have to shift my focus from daily blogging to book production.  One of the hardest lessons I had to learn this year was there just isn’t time to do everything. I have to pick and choose between my story ideas and stick with my decisions, seeing them through to the end before starting something new.

I do love daily blogging, but I think the only way this whole nerdy enterprise remains sustainable is to get some books out there.

And sadly, that means I can’t blog everyday, which after doing it everyday for a year, is going to feel weird.

But don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere. I’ll still check in, just not as often and ultimately, I have to write less in order to write better, if that makes any sense.

In the meantime, I have over a thousand posts on here. Read them. Check them out. Consult with Alien Jones and the other interesting people who stop by.

Thank you for your support, 3.5 Readers.


Bookshelf Q. Battler

World Renowned Poindexter, Reviewer of Pop Cultural Happenings and Champion Yeti Fighter

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365 Days. 1 Nerd. Results of the One Post a Day Challenge – 2015 Complete


TO: The Mighty Potentate

FROM: Alien Jones, the Esteemed Brainy One

RE: Results of Bookshelf Q. Battler’s One Post a Day for a Year Challenge – 2015

DATE: Jan. 1, 2016



Alien Jones tallies BQB’s 2015 stats.

Your lowly servant, Alien Jones here to report on the results of Bookshelf Q. Battler’s One Post a Day Challenge.  As you recall, Your Potentosity, you have identified BQB as “The Chosen One,” the only Earth writer capable of putting out a book that will convince the humans to abandon the reality television programming that you despise with such magnanimous enthusiasm.


BQB only intended to write very brief posts for the purpose of drawing some attention to his blog. However, he quickly became hooked on seeing his stats improve and spent the year focusing on his blog instead of his languishing career as a novelist.

Further, BQB made daily postings on social media. He had Twitter at the beginning of the year. He got onto Google Plus early in the year. He had been on Facebook but finally began pushing harder on it in the Fall.


  1. Posted 1 or more (and often, more) posts on his blog daily. Did not miss a day.
  2. Posted daily on Twitter from the beginning of the year.
  3. Posted daily on Google Plus when he started it (his pitiful human brain doesn’t remember when that started but believes it was early in the year.)
  4. Became more active on Facebook, by the end of the year he started posting there daily. Also, he spent a bit of his human money to buy some Facebook ads.
  5. Joined and became active on Wattpad, posting stories and offering comments on other writers’ works.


BQB, ever unsure of himself, blogged every day in January, 2015 just to see if he could do it. He then announced Feb 1. that he’d see this through to the end of the year.


“At the time of this writing, I’m averaging 35-40 site visitors per day. I believe this is due to daily postings.

I’m also seeing an increase in blog followers. I had 400 at the start of the year, and about 450 now.

I had 2000 twitter followers at the start of the year, I’m at around 2500 now.”




JAN 1, 2015 – Approx. 400

JAN 1, 2016 – 1,520

INCREASE of 1,120 approx.

2014 vs. 2015

BQB began this blog in 2014, but did not blog daily. In fact, he often let a lot of time pass between posts.

2014 Stats

VIEWS – 4,658

VISITORS – 3,623

LIKES – 895


2015 Stats

VIEWS – 28,103 (Up approx 24,000)

VISITORS – 14,880 (Up approx 11,000)

LIKES – 7,836 (Up approx 6,000)

COMMENTS – 2000 (Up approx 1800)


JAN 1, 2015 – 2,000 followers (approx)

JAN 1, 2016 – 7,168


2014 – BQB didn’t have it.  He started in 2015.

Jan 1, 2016 – 858 followers


Likes were barely existent starting 2015. BQB experimented with buying some Facebook ads in the Fall. Currently, the Bookshelf Battle Facebook Page has 169 likes and the Pop Culture Mysteries Facebook Page has 107 likes.


Human writers often debate whether social media is worth their time. Some praise it as a free marketing tool. Others complain it takes time away from their actual writing.

For all of the social media activity BQB engaged in…

TWITTER – brought 527 views total to BQB’s blog this year.

FACEBOOK – brought 368 views total.


 Thus, it is clear that having more followers on social media does not mean they will all visit your website. However, BQB feels his social media efforts did help to raise awareness of his blog and to make contacts with other writers, such as the fine authors who helped him out of the East Randomtown Zombie Apocalypse in October.


SEARCH ENGINES – gave BQB 6,898 views. It pays to write a lot. The more content you have on your site, the more likely people will visit your site through a search engine.

WORDPRESS READER – 1,156 – The more wordpress followers you have, the more people will seeing your blog in their wordpress reader.

DAILY VIEWS – BQB found that for the most part, his efforts attracted somewhere between 30-50 visitors (more or less). Occasionally, it would push 100, a few times over 100, but never over 200.

To BQB’s credit, his view rate is high, meaning that there are a number of visitors coming to the site, liking what they see, and giving it a few more views.


Yes. The Chosen One has gone from dabbling in a blog to building a platform.

BQB has a tendency to doubt himself, but will keep up with something if he sees progress and there was definite progress this year.


As a pitiful human, BQB can’t do everything, so in 2016 he will have to divert his attention to his novel writing career. However, the time he spent building this site’s readership will likely payoff one day…some day.

Somehow no matter what happens, BQB only reports having 3.5 readers though. That is likely to continue.


Spare the Earthlings, Mighty Potentate. BQB is doing his best to write a novel and build a writing career. He will do his best to convince the pitiful humans to stop watching reality television and read books instead.


Alien Jones, out.

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BQB Bests the Yeti…AND POSTS FOR 365 DAYS!

By: Bookshelf Q. Battler, World Renowned Poindexter, Reviewer of Pop Cultural Happenings, Champion Yeti Fighter AND POSTER OF 365+ POSTS IN 2015.


“Ohh…I am the champion, my 3.5 friends! Yes I…roundhouse kicked the Yeti in the face again! I am the champion! I am the champion…no time for losers ‘cuz I am the champion….of this blog!!!”


Bookshelf Q. Battler here, with my last post of the year, the one that makes it official:

I blogged once a day in 2015.

Actually, I blogged a lot more than just once a day. Way more. Plus, I did more than that. I also:

  • Foiled 2 plots by the Yeti to take over BQB HQ, one in the Spring and one five seconds ago. Each time, I managed to secure my freedom by roundhouse kicking the Yeti in the face. Stupid Yeti. When will he ever learn that the path towards keeping 3.5 readers happy is to entertain them, not bore them?
  • Befriended Alien Jones, an intergalactic emissary of the Mighty Potentate, a space despot who has decreed that he will take over Earth if I do not write a novel so eloquent that it inspires all humans to abandon reality television.
  • Met the love of my nerd life, Video Game Rack Fighter while on a mission to discover the meaning of life. Oh, also, I discovered the meaning of life. Or did I? I still need to finish telling you what happened.
  • Contracted with infamous hardboiled noir style private investigator Jake Dashing to solve 100 “Pop Culture Mysteries” by withholding the information he needs to return to 1954, the time period he feels most comfortable in.
  • Survived a zombie apocalypse that broke out in my home town of East Randomtown, set off by my once former mentor turned enemy, Dr. Hugo Von Science. I couldn’t have done it without the help of #31ZombieAuthors. Yes, 31 (actually 32) successful and accomplished people took time out of their busy schedules to help me stop the zombie hordes.

I blogged everyday. I connected with my 3.5 readers on Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook. I upped my stats and built my platform.

And I couldn’t have done it without my trusty 3.5 readers, like this one:


“BQB’s undecipherable ramblings get a big thumbs up from me!” – Bookshelf Battle Blog Reader #1 – Samantha Putney, Racine, WN

Or this one…



“The Funky Hunks aren’t that bad in virtual reality…they’re much, much worse!” – Jill Metzler, Bookshelf Battle Blog Reader #2

Or this reader…


“Bless you, BQB. Whenever my parents tell me I wasted my life I just point them to your blog and tell them, ‘At least I’m not THIS GUY!'” – Bookshelf Battle Blog Reader #3 – Mitch Culpepper, Cleveland, OH.

And who could forget my incorrigible .5th reader?


I said, “WHO COULD FORGET MY .5th reader!”

Oh never mind. Sure, I could post some sort of photo of half a person or a dwarf but that’d be in very poor taste and also incorrect because as long as you’ve got a brain and a heart, you’re a whole person in my book.

But whoever you are and even though my stat reports only count you as .5th of a reader, you’re loved too, .5th reader!


Thank you, 3.5 readers.

Thank you for going on this year long journey with me, for putting up with my nonsense, my tomfoolery, my pondexosity.

I’ll be back Jan. 1 to break down the stats of where I was at the start of the year and where I am now but until then, feel free to add to those stats by following me.

Yours truly,

Bookshelf Q. Battler

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Bookshelf Battle 2015 in Review

What was your favorite post/moment/happening on the Bookshelf Battle Blog in 2015, oh noble 3.5 readers?

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Announcing My Announcements

Hello 3.5 readers.


Our esteemed blog host looks upwards to the future, or maybe he’s attempting to cure a nosebleed. 

I’m Bookshelf Q. Battler, a world renowned poindexter, reviewer of books, movies, and assorted cultural happenings, and a champion yeti fighter.

We’re in the home stretch of the infamous “One Post a Day for a Year Challenge” and I for one have grown super paranoid, concerned that any manner of evil will come between me and my end game of posting once a day for 365 days.

Possible concerns that may keep me from blogging:

  • Yakuza attacks
  • Yeti attacks (The Yeti has friends)
  • Yakuza Yeti attacks (The Yeti has friends in Japan)
  • Cold, flu and or gout
  • Zombie outbreaks (though one didn’t stop me in October)
  • Bigfoot sightings
  • Meteor crashes
  • Vampire strikes (as in they strike in an attack formation, not that they picket for more blood)
  • Alien invasions
  • And so on

But that’s all besides the point.

In this final month, I find myself forced, totally, undeniable FORCED to make decisions as to how my precious 3.5 minutes of daily free time can be spent to entertain you, my beloved 3.5 readers.

I have more ideas for novels, blogs, posts, etc that you can shake a bag of sticks at BUT…


I must pick a project and see it all the way to publication on Amazon, that fine, life changing site brought to us by omnipotent and future overlord, the Supreme Bezos (prognosticators predict he may one day rival even the Mighty Potentate when it comes to ultimate power.)

And I, for one, salute our future overlord.  (**cough cough Simpsons reference *cough*)

So here I am, carefully thinking about what I need to do and how I should announce it to you, my trusty 3.5 readers.

Until I figure it out, let me ask, what do you hope to see from me, Bookshelf Q. Battler, in the future?


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What up, nerds?

Yeah.  I got nothing today.  I hate the Yeti.  The one post a day for a year challenge continues to go strong!

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Hello 3.5 Readers

I have nothing.  Nothing…nothing!!!!  Don’t make me close one more door, I don’t wanna be around you anymore…how did that Whitney Houston song go again?  I love that tune.

But seriously, I have nothing, you jackals.  Check back tomorrow.

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Hello Geekdexters

Afraid this is going to be one of those days when I don’t have much to say other than I like waffles.

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I’m sorry…

I’ve tried my best not to do a throwaway post in this one post a day for a year challenge but here goes:

I live waffles!

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For those just joining us…

…I’m in my fourth month of a one post a day for 2015 challenge.  It has been both tiring and rewarding.

I’m mainly saying this because I can’t think of what else to say.

What about you?  Do you have anything interesting to say?

Please share.

Have a nice day.

OH BTW – Follow me on twitter, or on Google Plus, or Wattpad, or Tumblr, or hell, just throw me a smoke signal.

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