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Playing Red Dead Redemption 2

Haven’t gotten too far into it but enjoying it so far.  The main character is a real cowboy’s cowboy, so that’s cool.

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I Haven’t Played Red Dead Redemption 2 Yet

ME: Oh boy! I just got Red Dead Redemption 2!  I can’t wait to play it!

RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2: Please enjoy the next two hours of downloads, updates and installations.  Feel free to stay up late to play or just play tomorrow.

Sigh.  For a guy from the plug and play generation, this is most annoying.

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Arcade1Up Machines Look Awesome!

Check out Arcade1Up!

Check out Rerez’s review:

Hey 3.5 readers.  My better half, Video Game Rack Fighter, is off fighting a squadron of flying robot chimps, but she wanted me, BQB to bring this to your attention.

I’ve wanted to become an antique video game machine collector for awhile now.  I have fond memories of visiting arcades as a kid and think an arcade cabinet would be a cool show off piece for a nerd cave.

Problem is a) they’re expensive b) you’re pretty much own your own to repair them c) how the heck do you buy one, have them shipped, get the thing into your house and really, it just felt like it’s possible that I’d spend a ton of cash for something that would blow a fuse and become a really fancy coat rack.

A company, Arcade1Up, has apparently realized there’s a demand among nerds like myself.  They’re releasing a series of four foot tall arcade cabinets for $300 a pop.  Titles so far include Asteroids, Centipede, Rampage, Street Fighter II, Galaga – all available for pre-order now and Final Fight will be available in Spring.

My thoughts:

  1. Each game comes with other games loaded on it if you get tired of the main game.
  2. Four foot tall kinda defeats the purpose but you can grab a chair and sit down to play, or they do sell a riser box you can put the thing on so you can play it at standing height.
  3. I’m a little torn because ultimately, it all seems fun yet also all seems like a waste of money.  I stayed at a house once where there was an arcade game as a collector’s piece.  It was fun.  I didn’t spend too much time on it.  Once in awhile, I’d get up, go to the bathroom, play with it a bit, go to bed.  It seems like something that would be fun if say, you were a millionaire and could stomach the idea that one day the thing will break and you either need to junk it or scour the earth and hire an expert classic video game repairman or something.  These are much cheaper but are they as cool as say, the actual antiques?  I guess if you grab the riser and shove the thing in a corner, it’s a fun conversation piece.  Otherwise, I guess I can’t really justify spending $300 on a 1990s version of Street Fighter when it’s probably available online for peanuts and brand new games are available for your modern console for at least $60.
  4. I think they should make the cabinets so you can buy as many old games as you want and download them.  Wouldn’t that be a moneymaker?  Buy your cabinet machine with your favorite old school classic characters decorating it, put in your credit card, then download your favorite games at 99 cents a pop.  Oh well, I don’t know how to do that but if you know how to do it, feel free to do it and become rich.

Ultimately, I have a feeling I’m such a geek I’ll end up getting one.  First, why is there no Pac-Man and second, which one should I get?  My heart is torn between Rampage or Street Fighter. Rampage will be more fun.  Street Fighter more stylish.

That Final Fight looks good too so I could wait.  I don’t know if I’ll get one but if I do get one I will only get one.  I just don’t have the space to have 50 of these suckers lying around.  Just one, as the fun decoration I always wanted and maybe once in a blue moon I’ll get up in the middle of the night, take a poop, play Rampage, go back to bed.


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Best Video Game Ever

What is the best video game ever?

I’m asking my 3.5 readers to put their choice in the comments and if they want to, explain why.

The Yeti votes for Tapper.  He loves Tapper.  So much Tapper.

"Pour the beverage on the right...slide it down to the left...the perfect game to help children develop obsessive compulsive disorder and alcoholism!" - Tapper, 1983, Game by Bally Midway

“Pour the beverage on the right…slide it down to the left…the perfect game to help children develop obsessive compulsive disorder and alcoholism!”
– Tapper, 1983, Game by Bally Midway

Hmmm…well, I suppose for the record, we must note that Tapper apparently did not work in a bar but rather, a soda fountain, where he poured sodas (in case you missed the big “soda” sign.)  So, no alcoholism.  Just raging caffeine addictions and sugar buzzes.

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Literary War Quotes

In honor of my latest obsession with Call of Duty, I’ve decided that this week will be a week of literary war quotes.  Throughout the week on there will be quotes from books, characters, and authors and each will provide a different perspective of war.

Here’s today’s quote:

“A small but noteworthy note. I’ve seen so many young men over the years who think they’re running at other young men. They are not. They are running at me.” – Death, the Narrator of The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.

Have you ever read The Book Thief?  I haven’t but have seen the film and enjoyed it.  The use of Death as the narrator was an original, unconventional idea that worked.  It was set during World War II, which was, after all, a very busy time for the Grim Reaper.  Essentially, what the author is trying to convey here is that soldiers often think they are going up against the opposing army but ultimately, they’re engaged in an activity that is just going to bring death upon them way too soon.

To state the obvious, war sucks.  This will be a constant theme of the literary war quotes we will explore.

Tune in tomorrow folks.  Same Bat Time.  Same Bat Channel.

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Call of Duty

Dear Loyal Readers,

Due to circumstances beyond my control, book reviews will be on hold for the foreseeable future.  Thank you for your understanding.  Have a nice day.



“War must be, while we defend our lives against a destroyer who would devour all; but I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend.” – J.R.R. Tolkien, The Two Towers
See that?  Sooner or later I always manage to tie it all into literature.  If you miss my witty commentary while I am trying to prevent video game-ized Kevin Spacey from conquering the world, feel free to follow me on twitter: @bookshelfbattle
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