Take the Ultimate BQB Superfan Quiz!

In honor of the two year anniversary of bookshelfbattle.com, test your knowledge vis a vis all things Bookshelf Q. Battler.

Post your answers in the comments.  Answers to come later.  Prize=absolutely nothing.  This blog has no budget.



Uncle Hardass wants you to get a job at:

A. McDonald’s

B. The Manure Factory

C. The Salt Mines

D.  A Nissan Sentra Dealership


BQB was once a member of which late 1990’s/early 2000’s rap duo:

A.  The Sweaty Boys

B. The Funky Hunks

C.  West Street Posse

D.  The Hairy Chest Duo


BQB’s current girlfriend is:

A.  Blandie Settler

B.  Video Game Rack Fighter

C.  The Hot Ass Blonde Chick from Network News One

D.  Katie Sackhoff-bot


BQB’s employer is:

A.  Tan Stuff Unlimited

B.  Grey Wonder Shop

C.  Stucco Shack

D.  Beige Corp.


BQB once died on the toilet after eating this:

A.  Taco Bell burritos

B.  A Lighting Infused Toaster Pastry

C.  A peanut butter sandwich

D.  Cold cereal


Leo McKoy, one of BQB’s rivals for the position of “Most Famous Man in East Randomtown” gained his local cult hero status after he delivered a sandwich to which 1990’s heartthrob?

A.  James Van Der Beek

B.  Mario Lopez

C.  Mark-Paul Gosselaar

D. Jason Priestley


Which of the following companies HAS NOT sponsored the Bookshelf Battle Blog?

A. Hipster Hut

B.  Beige Corp

C.  Drying Paint Media

D.  The Burger Wagon


The Yeti’s favorite computer is:

A. Macbook

B.  Dell

C.  Vintage Apple PC

D.  Commodore 64


Dr. Hugo Von Science is the esteemed inventor of:

A.  Teflon underpants

B.  The Incredible Exploding Chinchilla

C.  The “Duck, Duck!” Cannon

D. All of the above


The Mighty Potentate often orders Alien Jones to stop at intergalactic drive-thus to pick him up which food:

A.  Pizza

B. Onion rings

C.  Chicken fingers

D. Potato skins

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5 thoughts on “Take the Ultimate BQB Superfan Quiz!

  1. 1 d, 2 b, 3 c, 4 a, 5 d, 6 b, 7 a, 8 c, 9 d and 10 d. Although I suspect they are all answer g (none of the above).

  2. 2 out of 10 correct! But be proud, for it means you have more to do than study nerd blogs all day

  3. 1 c, 2?, 3 b, 4 d, 5 b, 6 d, 7 b, 8 c, 9 d, 10 b

  4. 5 out of 10! You flunked the BQB Superfan Challenge but you win at life!

  5. Reblogged this on Bookshelf Battle and commented:

    Sorry 3.5 readers.

    I never did post the answers to this, did I?

    The answers:

    1) C – Uncle Hardass believes there’s no tougher job in the world than working at the salt mines. Whether you are president or a toilet scrubber, if you tell him you have a job anywhere other than the salt mines, he will address you as if you are a lazy bum that has no job.

    2) B – BQB was a member of the Funky Hunks. He still gets checks for 3 cent residuals once a year. Some lady in North Dakota keeps buying the Funky Hunks’ jams.

    3) B – BQB’s main squeeze is the incomparable Video Game Rack Fighter.

    4) D – BQB is the assistant to the assistant to the vice-president of corporate assistance at Beige Corp., the world’s premeire producer of beige products and accessories. It is as exciting as the color the company is dedicated to.

    5) B – Indeed, BQB died on the porcelain throne after eating a lightning infused toaster pastry. A bolt of lighting tore out of his tucas with roughly the strength and speed of a thousand jet engines. God allowed him to return for a second chance at life and he has used this chance to entertain 3.5 readers.

    6) A – Leo claims to have once delivered a sandwich to James Van Der Beek and therefore as the man who delivered a sandwich to James Van Der Beek, claims that he is the most famous man in East Randomtown. Further, he sees BQB’s blog with 3.5 readers as a threat to his fame.

    7) D – The Burger Wagon has not yet sponsored this fine blog, but BQB is currently in negotiations.

    8) D – Yetis, backward in technology as they are, prefer Commodore 64s.

    9) D – Dr. Hugo invented all three of these fine inventions.

    10) C – Intergalactic fast food workers are no better than the ones we have on Earth. The Mighty Potentate has often threatened Alien Jones with vaporization for failing to bring back honey mustard for his chicken fingers.

    Really, you hate to be a dick, but you’ve got to look in that bag before you pull away from the window. Don’t trust those minimum wage slaves. They don’t make enough to care about your taste buds.

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