How the West Was Zombed – Chapter 29

This chapter marked the point of no return, pushing the story deeper into violence, uncomfortableness, swearing etc.

The slave master uses the N-word. I worry about that. People are understandably very sensitive about stuff like that these days.

But Joe does turn into a damn werewolf and tears the master in half so…Tarantino style revenge fantasy, right?

Bookshelf Battle

Louisiana, 1859


The whip cracking across Joe’s back might as well have been a knife. It cut just as deep and with as much precision. There wasn’t much he could do about it. His hands were bound tight and tied to a hook above his head. His body had already told him to fall down, but his captors wouldn’t allow it.


The man wielding the whip was Edmund Lorante, Overseer of the Marchand Plantation. That was more or less a fancy title that meant he kept an eye on slaves and made sure they didn’t get out of line. He relished “educational opportunities” and had called in over a hundred of Monsieur Marchand’s pieces of property from the field to watch. A few of his white subordinates stood by, shotguns at the ready.


“What did you do with it, n****r?” Lorante asked. He tossed out the word so nonchalantly…

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