Tonight’s Walking Dead

Hey 3.5 Readers.


What an episode.  Very woman-centric.  Lots of chicks young and old fighting, scheming and being evil and shit.

I like Alicia Witt.  She was Paula last episode and this one.  She was on a season of Justified.  She just seems very smart and fun and like her last name, witty.

Carol, as usual, is adept at tricking everyone into thinking she’s just a harmless old lady and then she straight up takes everyone down like a gangsta.

There was a suggestion this group might have been good.  What do you think?  Could there have been info that Rick’s group didn’t know?

Maggie was a badass.  Anyone know what accent the lady who plays her has?


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10 thoughts on “Tonight’s Walking Dead

  1. Lizzi Newton says:

    I believe Lauren Cohan’s accent is British. I thought she was Australian but reading her bio proved me wrong.

  2. jameswindale says:

    I think everyone thinks they are good, because there seems to be a lack of empathy in this world for anyone who isn’t a part of their own clan or group.
    I had some concerns about Carol. This was the first time since season 2 that I saw her being truly vulnerable. There were a few moments between her and Maggie where I felt like they were setting her up to be killed off. The previews for next week seem to show her having some apparent issues with the number of people she’s killed. Im not 100% behind where they’re taking her character now.
    Lauren Cohan (sp?) is her name and I want to say she’s British, like several of the other characters like Andrew Lincoln (Rick) are. She had a few guest spots on Supernatural where she speaks with her natural accent.

  3. she grew up in jersey though. So I’m guessing she’s a hybrid natural accent, which is why the british bit isn’t clear.

  4. There’s a lot of speculation that Maggie is going to be killed off this season. What do you think about them killing off major cast members?

    • Anything’s possible. If you go back long enough, there were some main cast members like Dale and Andrea that were killed off and now it has been so long you forget about them. Lately though it seems like they’re sticking with this group but anything is possible.

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