Daily Discussion with BQB -Snapchat for Authors

I see a lot of companies, celebrities etc putting out their snapchat handles and I’m not sure why.

My understanding of Snapchat is that it is to millennials what AOL Instant Messenger was to Generation X.

You basically chat through snaps, as the name says.  Take a photo or a video of yourself.  Send it to your friend.  They disappear so if your friend turns out to be a jerk they can’t post or share embarrassing photos/videos you shared due to your bad judgment.

I get why celebs use Twitter or Facebook.  They write on a certain topic.  It is there for people interested in a topic.

But what happens if I friend, say, the Rock on snapchat?  Will the Rock send me a video asking me if I can smell what he is cooking?

If I friend Nicki Minaj on snapchat will she twerk for me?

What gives? Perhaps I am officially too old as I fail to see how this could be a good marketing tool.

I’m wretchedly hideous as are all the people my age (no offense people my age).  No one wants to snap chat with me.  I’m too hideous.

If you’re an author and you use snapchat as a marketing tool, how do you use it?

Do you take videos of yourself saying, “Hey my book is available on Amazon it’s about an elf that fights dragons and shit” or what? What do you do?

What confuses me is there doesn’t seem to be a way to search posts like twitter.

On twitter, for example, I can write, “I wrote a book about #fantasy #elves” and then people searching for info about fantasy and elves will find my post.

But, and correct me if I’m wrong, you can record yourself talking about your fantasy elf book and then hashtag it.

So, and please enlighten me if I’m wrong, but my understanding is you’d basically put your snapchat handle out there and try to add people to your list and then I guess once in awhile you’d send out a photo of yourself holding your book or a video of you talking about your book.

But that seems odd to me.  Instant Messenger seemed like a form of communication between two people, like an alternative to the phone and snapchat seems like the modern equivalent.

I’m not going to give the Rock my phone number to call me to remind me when Fast and Furious part 99 comes out so why would I give him my snapchat handle so he can snapchat me when his movie comes out?

Explain, nerds!  Explain!  If you’re an author who uses this  effectively I’d like to here from you.

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2 thoughts on “Daily Discussion with BQB -Snapchat for Authors

  1. erica alex says:

    I don’t like the concept of Snapchat, nor the silly Snapchat filters I see screenshotted all over my Instagram feed. I don’t utilize much social media at all, really. However, as an independent author whose sales depend on word of mouth and overall likeability, I understand why a lot of these social media outlets appeal: in order to increase likeability, you must be relatable. To be relatable is to do the norm and show you have a life outside your craft(s). It’s some sort of fishing hook magick, really, and since Snap is so popular, having one, I’m supposing, can be used to grown one’s overall following. I really want to believe authors are on Snap recording themselves with their books lol. How boring would that be?

    • I guess what trips me up is that there’s no hash tagging. At least with twitter I can tweet comments about things that interest me and people with similar interests who want to hear more can follow me.

      Snap Chat, I believe, you already have to be interested in what that person has to say in order to follow someone. But if you use it as a means of communicating with friends and family, I’m not sure why you’d want someone snap chatting you photos/videos of their books, movies, projects whatever.

      I like the Rock but I don’t want my phone ringing with pre-recorded Rock messages so if I used SnapChat I feel like it would be annoying to get messages from him on there too.

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