Zom Fu – Chapter 12


By mid-afternoon, Bohai was several miles away from the sanctuary he once called home. He laid down underneath a tree and closed his eyes.

“By tomorrow morning those idiots will come looking for me,” Bohai said. “When they find me they’ll drop to their knees and beg me to come back but no…I will never come back unless they accept me as their master.”

Bohai drifted off to sleep, muttering to himself all the while. “They’ll thank me for this one day. They really will. Junjie as the Twentieth Infallible Master. Please. Just appoint a spineless jellyfish to be the Emperor while you’re at it.”

Snap. Somewhere in the forest, a twig cracked in two. Bohai opened one eye. Tree leaves rustled. Another snap. Bohai opened his other eye.

Growls and snarls cut through the silence as four of Dragonhand’s undead warriors jumped out of the trees. Bohai sprang to his feet and without thinking, turned himself into a furious kicking, punching whirlwind.

Pow! Foot to the first warrior’s drooping face. Smash! A punch to the second warrior’s boil covered face. Crack! A backflip kick to the third warrior’s gangrenous face. Punch…punch…punch…punch…punch…punch. Bohai worked the ribcage of the fourth warrior.

“Why isn’t this working?” Bohai asked. The young fighter looked up and for the first time, caught a good look at his opponent’s face. The zombified warrior’s eyes were blank, the hair on his head was patchy, his face was gray and scarred and his teeth? They snapped up and down as the monstrous man lunged at Bohai.

“What are you?” Bohai asked as he jumped into the air and spin kicked in a circular formation, giving each beast a smack in the face with his foot.

“Errgh.” The zombified warriors growled and closed in on Bohai.

“Come on, then!” Bohai shouted as he put his fists up. “I can do this all day!”

Bonk! Bohai felt something heavy hit him in the back of the head. He fell forward, flat on his face, and passed out.

“Errgh!” The zombies rejoiced and pawed at the body, preparing to break off a few pieces until Lickspittle shooed them away with a shovel.

“None for you, vultures!” the lackey said. “If the master wants a live snack then the master gets a live snack.”

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