Daily Discussion with BQB – Ringling Brothers Circus is Closing

Sad news 3.5 readers, as Ringling Brothers Circus, a longtime American institution, is closing.

Is the circus an old timey thing that just didn’t last in the modern age?  Some news reports say it was the cancellation of the performing elephant part of the show that hurt ticket sales.  That’s too bad but then again I guess I don’t want to see elephants suffer just for amusement purposes.

I don’t know.  Surely in this day of advanced tech, couldn’t they have come up with some other spectacle to keep the audience in their seats?

Will you miss the show, 3.5 readers?

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2 thoughts on “Daily Discussion with BQB – Ringling Brothers Circus is Closing

  1. I never went. I know a lot of people were super bothered by the marks of abuse on the animals and that caused a huge backlash.

  2. I’ve taken my kids to the show when it winters in Florida. It was passed its time to close. Instead of turning into something modern, it tried to rely on a tired old tradition. Besides, with the circus that is coming to Washington starting on Friday, they probably couldn’t compete. We’re going to have P.T. Barnum himself as our Clownmander in Chief.

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